Sum Up Sunday #4

Sunday 21 December 2014

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Limo Crash, Family Christmas Meal Out, Tesco Camembert sharer bread, Cute chalkboard decoration, Hot Chocolate Selection, Work Christmas Party, Christmas Came Early for One Little Boy, Tigger didn't like the wrapping paper, Selfies with Jared.

This week has definitely been a fun one, and the Christmas spirit has finally spread to everyone else around me! HUZZAH!

Tim and I were minding our own business on our laptops last Sunday when Tim heard an almighty crash. He ran to the kitchen window to see what it was an this Limo had crashed into a parked car. Now I don't think I've told the story of the Limo as of yet, but basically this guy parked his limo along the side of the road by our flat taking up 3 cars spaces, and he had been parked there for a month. This meant that now everyone was struggling to find parking, whilst this guy has his own PRIVATE driveway just down the road. Anyway, Tim and I jumped at the chance to be nosey and took the recycling out so we didn't look too much like we were gawking (even though we were), and I actually knew the guy who's car had been munched by the Limo, thankfully he will be getting a company car from work shortly, so it doesn't make much of a difference to him. After a little bit more poking I found out that the limo had simply come out of gear and rolled back into his car!!! I know it's naughty but Tim and I couldn't help but giggle at the Limo driver's misfortune, especially after all the trouble he had been causing us.

Then last Sunday night Tim and I got both our families out together for a Christmas meal at Strada, which was seriously good, despite them adding a £35 "optional" (but not really optional) service charge to our meal, which I thought was ridiculous considering how much our bill was already! Other than that it was really delicious and every one had a great time. I ended up having a mini pumpkin risotto, Chicken and mash, and apple tart. Speaking of good food, I spotted this caramelised onion Camembert sharing bread from Tesco on the Metro website and knew that we had to try it. Best of all it was a mere £5! It's only available until the 31st of December so if you want to try it, I suggest you go out and grab it now.

On Tuesday I attended my work Christmas party which was held at Newbury Racecourse (how posh), and we got a free two course meal out of it, and who can really turn down a free meal right? When we turned up there was complimentary champagne, of which I had two glasses, and then there were three bottles of wine on each table and considering only three of us were drinking, we had plenty. In fact I didn't purchase a single drink that night, and I was quite drunk by the end of it!

This weekend was my favourite for a long time as Jade and Jared came to visit! Now I haven't seen Jared since March and I cannot believe how much he has changed since then. He's so much taller, and talks a lot more than he did back then. He comes out with the funniest stuff... He said my mum was tapped!!! We all almost died it was so funny... Anyway on Saturday we spent the whole day in town with them, and then went back to Mum's to give them our Christmas presents, and as they live so far away, and we all wanted to see Jared with his gifts, Jade let him open them. I bought him clothes and a pair of red Dunlop High Tops for Christmas, as Jade said he had plenty of toys, but not a lot of clothes. He opened the clothes first, and he must copy what he's heard other's say when they open gifts, because without really looking he gasped and said 'Woooooooooooow'. Then proceeded to drop them on the floor an pick up his next gift (children, eh?). I helped him open his shoes, and once we'd ripped the wrapping paper off of the box I flipped up the lid and he gasped, 'NEW SHOES' and he grabbed them out of the box and took them to Jade to show her. Honestly melted my heart watching him open those presents, and Christmas didn't just come early for Jared, but also for me for getting to spend time with him. 

This Week I'm...

Reading: 5Ib's in 5 Days: The Juice Detox Diet - Yes I am planning to go on a Juice Detox. As you may or may not know a few months ago my dieting was going strong, and then I got my new job, and things just went out of the window. My plan is to follow this 5 day detox, take a short break of 4 days, and then get straight back into my diet. I will be writing all about my juicing experience so watch this space!
Listening To: The Frozen Soundtrack (again), Tim and I watched this again the other night and I haven't stopped listening to the soundtrack since.
Feeling: In the Christmas Spirit!
Looking Forward To: Christmas! I mean come on, who isn't looking forward to Christmas right now, it's four days away!
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