Sum Up Sunday #3

Sunday 14 December 2014

From top left to bottom right: Being almost front row for Paul Hollywood, Tim feeding his niece, our fully decorated Christmas Tree, my best haircut ever, our personal Christmas ornament, Gerbil Snuggles, Red Velvet cupcakes from work, Expert Christmas wrapping, Christmas pants, Putting presents under the tree, Tim has a friend, My brother and Dad washed my car.

Seeing as I didn't write a Sum up Sunday post last week, this is a Sum up of the past few weeks. Starting with going to see Paul Hollywood! We bought our tickets from Wowcher as they were half price, as such we didn't expect the seats to be that good, however I was pleasantly surprised to find we were three rows back from the front. When Paul came out all the older ladies in the room were swooning, I'll admit he does look pretty attractive, it's those piercing blue eyes... He was very normal, he was just like he is on the Great British Bake Off, blunt, serious, and a little childish at times. He spoke about Mary a lot, much to my joy. He even tricked us into thinking that she was backstage and was coming on to bake with him (as they had been together at the BBC Good Food Show the day before), but alas he was lying, there was no Mary. Still it was interesting to watch him do his stuff, and he even did a challenge with 4 lucky audience members, and stood looming over them watching their every move just as he does in the Bake Off. I really didn't know what to expect when I bought the tickets, but I'm so glad I went as it was so much fun, and we've been given some interesting new recipes to try out.

Before we went to see Paul we popped in to Tim's parent's place to see Tim's sister for her birthday. Much to our delight Tim's brother was there with his daughter Olivia. She has grown up so much since we last saw her! We got plenty of cuddles and everyone managed to bully Tim into feeding her dinner, which I know he secretly enjoyed. I always love being around Olivia, because she is so cute, I'll admit it does make me broody, which Tim doesn't like so much!

Last week I spent a lot of my evenings wrapping Christmas presents, seeing as we had bought all of them (except each other's), we thought we may as well wrap them all. This year we decided to try and level up our Christmas wrapping skills with the addition of some nice quality paper, and Ribbons and bows. I was happy to find that my skills have improved since last year, and our presents are looking very neat and tidy under the tree! It so nice to walk into the living room and see them sitting under the tree, it makes me feel 100% more Christmassy. 

On Saturday 6th I booked myself in to a salon to get my hair cut properly, after about 6 months of having nothing done to it. Normally I go to somewhere that's cheap, because I never seem to get the cut that I want anyway so I don't see the point in spending a tonne of money on a cut I didn't really like anyway. However I decided enough was enough and that I needed to go to a proper salon, and pay a little more to get it done properly! I wasn't disappointed, I went to a lovely little salon near where I live that was recommended to me by a few people on Facebook, and they treated me so well. I got my hair washed, cut, blow dried and curled, and the girl doing my hair really took her time with me. I had taken a picture in of the style I wanted, and at every stage she asked me questions about how I wanted my hair. I came out of the salon and I was in shock. My hair was so perfect, and still is. It's the exact length I wanted, it looks beautiful, and it feels healthy, I will definitely be going back there!

This week I also had my first eyelash tint, by a mobile beautician, also recommended to me on Facebook. See was doing a pamper package of a Manicure, Eyebrow Wax and Tint and Eyelash tint for £23. She came over on Thursday and talked me through the eyelash tint as I had never had one before, and it was honestly probably one of the weirdest experiences. When I saw them though, I wondered why the hell I hadn't had them done before, they frame my eyes perfectly. Again I was satisfied, and I will be calling her back when I need my eyelashes done again!

So there you have it, that's what I have been up to the last few weeks, let me know in the comments what you have been getting up to!

This Week I'm...

Reading: Nothing, I really need to start a new book...
Listening to: Christmas playlists on Spotify to get me into the Christmas Spirit.
Feeling: a little bit ill, but battling through it.
Looking Forward To: My Christmas meal with my family and Tim's family tonight!

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