15 Goals Before 2015!

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Last year for the first time ever, I set myself 14 goals to achieve in 2014, so how did I do?
  1. Start going to/stick to the gym - I did start going to the gym last year, and even attended some Aquarobics classes, which I actually enjoyed. However our gym did end up going into administration, meaning I ended up not going to the gym for half of the year...
  2. Lose 1 stone by the end of the year - I managed to lose 11 Ib's last year, which is amazing for me, but then I managed to put it all back on again...
  3. Eat more healthily (less takeaways) - Tim and I definitely started cooking a lot more, but we also slipped into some bad habits for the last three months of the year...
  4. Drink more water, and a lot less Coca Cola -  Failed at this to be honest...
  5. Get a Full Time Job - I got myself a full time job! YAY!
  6. Move out of my mum's house - I also moved out of mum's house and in with my boyfriend... DOUBLE YAY!
  7. Start saving money and being more sensible - Ok, so this didn't happen as such, but I have definitely been spending less money, I just have more things to spend it on currently.
  8. Go on more adventures - Whilst this didn't actually happen, I have had many life adventures this year, including becoming an Auntie!
  9. Watch at least 2 films a week - Again this didn't happen, but I have managed to watch some decent films.
  10. Keep up to date with all my TV shows - Finally, another goal I kept up with... I even started watching some new TV shows, and I'm still managing to keep up with all of them.
  11. Complete all the video games I own before buying more - Big, fat, fail.
  12. Read at least 1 book a month - How many times can I say the word fail?
  13. Keep making Youtube videos - Yes and no, I did keep making videos, but there were MASSIVE gaps between some of them... Must try harder!
  14. Be myself, and be happy - I've definitely been myself, and I have definitely been happier than I have ever been this year!
Whilst I somehow managed to fail a lot of the above goals, I am glad that my Main goals (i.e moving out) were met, and I was desperate for them to happen. So what are my 15 goals for this year?
  1. Exercise at least twice a week
  2. Lose 2 stone by the end of the year
  3. Move out of our flat and into out own home
  4. Start saving money
  5. Keep up to date with my TV shows
  6. Eat only one takeaway a month
  7. Give up fizzy drinks and alcohol (except for special occassions)
  8. Watch 52 new films this year
  9. Upload one Youtube video a week minimum
  10. Read 3 blogposts a day and leave comments
  11. Complete all the (old) video games I own
  12. Use my camera at least once a week
  13. Work my way through my eye shadow palettes
  14. Pick up a new hobby
  15. Keep working to handle my Gerbils
Let me know in the comments what your goals are for this year, and whether you think you'll be able to manage them!

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  1. Lovely goals! I definitely need to work my way through eyeshadow palettes too!





  2. I love the idea of creating a goals list. I might have a think and make one x

  3. I think you did brilliantly with last years goals!! I love your goals this year and especially how you want to comment on other's blogs more! Good Luck and I wish you all the best for 2015! x x x

  4. some great goals there hun best of luck wit completing them , i have quite a list this year also


  5. Some fantastic Goals here, Really want to get my health in order this year. xx