23 Before 23: The Final Tally

Thursday 8 January 2015

We're only one month away from my 23rd Birthday, CRIKEY that has gone quick... With that in mind I thought it was about time that I went through my '23 Before 23' goals list and assessed what I have actually managed to achieve... I know you are probably all sick of goal related posts with it being this time of year, but my birthday is coming soon, and it needs to be done!

1. Move Out: I can happily announce that I managed this one! Tim and I have been living together almost a whole year now, and we still get on... he must be for keeps right?

2. Lose Weight: I did lose 11 Ib's last year! But then I put it all back on... so does this count?

3. Watch a new film every week!: Sadly failed at this, but I did watch some crackers in 2014

4. Keep up with my Youtube Channel: FAIL, however towards the end of the year it did seem like I was getting a handle on it!

5. Get a Full Time Job: Success! I have a full time job, at a place I love, doing something that isn't sales, massive win from my point of view.

6: Complete all the Xbox games I own!: FAIL, I did complete more than I did the year before though, so I am making progress.

7. Write weekly thankful lists over on my Tumblr: They weren't weekly by any means, but I did write some...

8. Travel Abroad!: FAIL! Unfortunately after moving out there was no money for a holiday :(

9. Find out what I want to do with my life, and stick to it!: I have made a decision with what I want to do, and I am sticking to it, there are a few things that I need to put in place, but I am working on it.

10. Take up a sport: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!

11. Practice my craft/s: I have been baking a hell of a lot more this year, so I'd call this one a success.

12. Write a daily/weekly Diary: I started out well at the beginning of the year, and then kind of just fizzled out...

13. Start working to control my IBS: Whilst I haven't specifically been trying to control it, it does seem to be getting better!

14. Reach 200 Subscribers on Youtube: I've definitely gained subscribers, but nowhere near as many as I would like to have, but I guess when I begin to post more consistently then this might happen.

15. Go on an adventure every month: This didn't happen at all unfortunately... Doesn't mean that I didn't have any adventures though!

16. Read at least 1 book a month, and talk about it on my blog: Nooooooooooope

17. Start saving money: This one didn't really happen... Mainly due to moving out....

18. Support fellow Youtubers: I really struggle to find Youtubers who have a similar subscriber count to me, if you know any, please let me know in the comments.

19. Do something for charity: Last year I did the Race for Life! My goal was to do it in roughly an hour and I did it in 47 minutes, I was so emotional when I crossed the finish line, and I'm definitely planning to do it again this year...

20. Write posts when I have the idea, instead of leaving it weeks and weeks: My blogging was a lot more consistent last year, and this year it's set to be even more consistent, so watch this space!

21. Exercise EVERY day!: Once again... HAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHA

22. Blog redesign: I Had my blog redesigned! Yet I have another one in the works ;)

23. Work on being happy!: Last year was one of the best of my life, and I am so happy with the way my life is progressing, so I would definitely say this one was a win!

All in all I would say that I managed about 9/23, which isn't great, but it's more than I managed the year before, so at least I am going in the right direction! This year I'm planning to try and get at least half of my goals done, which will be posted after my birthday!

Let me know in the comments what your main goal for the year is, you know I love reading your comments!

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  1. It's great that you have ticked so many things off your list.
    I have a similar list of 40 before I am 40.

  2. I like the fact you have a list and I think that 9 out of 23 is not bad at all. You are still very young and have lots ahead! :) x

  3. its great ot have a list of goals and see how your achieving them one by one

    , best of luck working on the remainders