Wishlist Wednesday: Ear Cuffs

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Just before Christmas one of my work colleagues wore an Ear Cuff to work, and it was so pretty, I almost wanted to rip it off her ear and wear it myself... OK, I didn't want it THAT much... I had never thought about wearing an Ear Cuff before, although I have my ears pierced twice, I actually very rarely wear earrings. Maybe if I owned one of these beautiful ear cuffs I might wear them more!

  1. Forest Ivy Earcuff: £10.83
  2. Thistle Earcuff: £33.19
  3. Golden Mermaid: £23.67
  4. Glitter Dragon: £11.45
  5. Golden Flower Ear Wrap: £30.45
  6. Snake Ear Wrap: £39.96
  7. Spring Leaf Ear Wrap: £33.19
  8. Double Chevron Ear Cuff: £16.26
  9. Silver Flower Ear Cuff: £16.90
My favourite of all of these has to be the Golden Mermaid, she may be making her way onto my birthday wishlist in a few weeks time...

Let me know in the comments which of these is your favourite?

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  1. Oh wow these are lovely! Especially love the thistle cuff :)

  2. what a great selection... I think spring leaf is my fave

  3. I think i'd only be brave enough to wear one of the small delicate flower ones- they are pretty x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  4. Ahaha, I had to laugh at the 'rip it off her ear'! I used to have a couple ear cuffs when I was in middle school and really love the look of them. Can't actually believe you can get so many intricate designs. So pretty! I think the bottom left and top left are my favorites.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo