Try A Tutorial Tuesday Returns!

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Way back when I first started this blog I had an idea for a feature, and that feature was Try A Tutorial Tuesday. The idea behind it was that my readers could tweet me links to tutorials that they wanted me to give a try, or I would find a tutorial that I liked, and every Tuesday I would give them a go.

I did a TTT post back in 2013 on Nautical Nails that you can check out here. However with this being the 'year of blogging' for me, I really felt it was time to get my bum in gear and produce this feature that I have been sitting on for so long... 

This week's tutorial is from a Portuguese Beauty blog called 'Pausa Para Feminices', and it is created using the Urban Decay Electric Palette. The look itself is based on a mermaid barbie (hence the pinks and blues), and I think it's absolutely stunning.

Now I don't actually own the Urban Decay Electric Palette, but I had heard on the blogging vine that the Make Up Revolution Acid Brights palette was a dupe for it, and knowing I had that palette, I was desperate to give this look a go.

There is a Youtube video to follow for this tutorial, and despite it being in Portuguese it is actually pretty easy to follow the different steps. This is also honestly probably the most amount of colours I have ever used on an eye make up look. 

First off I want to say that these photos do not do justice to the colours. Unfortunately I was scare on natural light and so used my LED light for these pics. To me the colours match the above tutorial photo a little better, but I think my light washed them out.

Considering this was my first time actually following an eye shadow tutorial, I think the final result turned out pretty well. The colours are obviously different to the ones in the tutorial picture, as the Acid Brights palette has slightly different tones of colour, but all things considered it's a pretty fair match. I'm pretty happy with this palette considering I only paid £4 for it, but I think I will definitely have to get my hands on the actual Electric palette so I can try this look out again! If you don't have the money to buy the Electric Palette but you have to have it, then I would definitely recommend getting the Acid Brights palette until you can save enough for the real deal.

If you would like me to try out a tutorial for you then please tweet me the link to it, and I'll take a look and see if it's something I can try. The tutorial can be for ANYTHING! Make Up, Hair, Nails, Food, Crafting, literally anything, and I will give it a go! I really want to get you guys involved in this as much as possible.
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  1. WOW your eye make up is done beautifully and to perfection.

  2. Such a cool feature idea! & I actually prefer yours to the original! x

  3. Thank you! I've never done a look as complicated as that one, so it means a lot :)

  4. Thank you! :) If you'd like to suggest a tutorial then you can do!