Sum Up Sunday #9

Sunday 25 January 2015

This week has been full of ups and downs for me. Tim and I had a bit of a naughty week on the diet, and it really showed when I weighed myself this morning and had put on weight, Tim however still lost a pound!!! Cheeky sod... Anyway I know where I went wrong and I'm determined not to make a repeat of it this week.

Pictured above is the first dessert I made from my No bake baking book that Tim got me for Christmas, it's a chocolate chip cookie and cream cake. I only had a few slices of this last Sunday, but that really set me off for a bad week on my diet. One night we had a mortgage advisor over and he didn't leave until almost 9pm and neither of us really wanted to cook, so we had a takeaway. THEN on Friday as I was about to start cooking Chimichangas for dinner I realised we didn't have some key ingredients, so we ordered Pizza instead... I know, super naughty. This week I'm hoping to be much better although I am going out with my Sister on Wednesday and also having my birthday party next weekend, means that I may not lose weight again this week, I just aim to not put any on!

Also this week Tim and I have been making big plans for the future, which involves me finally following my dreams, and us moving in with his parents for a few months so that we will be in a better financial position to buy a house by the end of the year. So my head is spinning with dreams for our future together, but most of all my head is reeling with all the ideas I have been having since signing up for my course. 

I'm just a complete bundle of excitement at the moment...

This week I'm...
Reading: The Hen who dreamed she could fly (still)
Listening To: Fall Out Boy: Centuries
Playing: Star Stable Online
Looking Forward to: Getting to be a student again for one night!

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  1. Oh my gosh. I would hug you for a slice of your no bake dessert right now.

  2. Wow... that dessert....mouth watering.... looks delicious. Its hard when a bad day spirals in to a bad week... good luck with this week and enjoy your birthday party.

  3. Ahhhh it's a shame that you've had a bad few days, but don't let it get you down! I did the same last week but it's given me more motivation to work even harder this week. Although that dessert has made me just want to live off of cookies for the rest of my life... So thanks ;)