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Monday 7 September 2015

I'm sure that I've mentioned a million times before that I LOVE horror films, something about being scared is just really interesting to me... I don't know why. I'm also sure I've probably told this story before on the blog, but I'm going to tell it again, so bare with...

When I was a kid around 8-10(ish) I can't remember the exact age. Around this time every weekend we used to have a takeaway and movie night with my uncle, we'd normally have a McDonalds and then rent a movie from Blockbuster. It was on one of these nights that we rented the original Nightmare on Elm Street, and I remember watching it and just being completely captivated. I wasn't scared of it in the slightest, I think I watched it three times that night... I also vaguely remember my parents extending the rental because I just kept sitting and watching it. That's my first memory of enjoying a horror film, but it wasn't until I was in Sixth-form that I really got into horror films.

I took A Level Media Studies and our coursework was to make the promotional items for a horror film. This involved researching a lot of horror films and therefore watching a lot of horror films. This coursework was mainly centred around Slasher movies, and this is when I watched the original Halloween movie, which is still to this day one of my favourite horror movies.

I always get asked what my favourite horror films are and it's honestly hard for me to pick... but if you held a gun to my head, these are the top five I would pick...

Of course Nightmare on Elm Street had to be on the list... A film that makes you afraid to sleep is going to leave you running and diving under the covers. I would also recommend watching the 2010 remake, both are good in their own right!

This one again is a no brainer, the OG Slasher movie that started the trend, this is a must watch! As with Nightmare on Elm Street this has a remake that is worth a watch. Halloween was remade by Rob Zombie, and he took the gore to the extreme and gave the original an interesting new take!

If you ever ask me what the scariest film I have ever seen is I will always answer Grave Encounters. This is a film that I first watched at the Abertoir horror film festival whilst I was at University in Aberystwyth. I swear I didn't sleep right for a month after watching this... Since then I have seen this film a further six times and it always puts me on edge... If you like being scared then this one is a must see!

The Evil Dead is a legendary film that was even banned in some places! The original is super creepy, but if you want an extra scare you should definitely watch the most recent remake. Both are pretty amazing though...

I remember watching the trailer for this movie and being super excited but then for some reason I didn't get around to watching it until much later! When I did I was so glad I did, this takes your typical horror and turns it upside down. I don't want to give too much away, just trust me and give it a watch!

What is your favourite horror film?

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