Bloggers Bake A Long to GBBO: Salted Caramel and Raspberry Eclairs

Sunday 27 September 2015

I'm not ashamed to admit that something went a tad bit wrong this week. Considering that this is the eighth week in a row that I have baked, and this is the first time I have encounter a serious problem, I'm pretty happy!

I had planned to make the whole grand Religieuse a l'ancienne, and have the magnificent three tiers all stuck together and standing up. It just didn't turn out that way, in a nut shell my eclairs were not strong enough, and had I attempted the tower it would have sunken and ruined all of the eclairs. Personally after tasting one of my spares I wasn't willing to let that happen!

I had made Choux pastry before so I wasn't at all worried about the way that would turn out, and I didn't need to be either, because all was well! However Creme Patissiere was something that I had yet to attempt, so I was very worried about how it would turn out. Thankfully it turned out really well, and my creme patissiere was lovely an thick. I decided to half it and flavour one half with salted caramel, and the other half with fresh raspberries. These flavour choices turned out to be a great hit with my boyfriend. Piping these into the eclairs proved to be a fairly fiddly task, although I'll admit it's really fun watching the pastries slowly fill up with the creme patissiere.

Then I simply made a White chocolate and then a Dark Chocolate Ganache to dip my eclairs in, again both proved popular and it was a mission to keep my boyfriend away from the bowl!

In the end I'm fairly happy with how they turned out. They taste delicious, and the flavour combo's are winners. I honestly just wish I had been able to make the full religieuse a l'ancienne. I have been pushing myself more and more each week, and this week part of me feels like I gave up... I guess I have the next two weeks to really redeem myself don't I!

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