Gaming Diaries #6: Xbox Live Games

Thursday 3 September 2015

How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition is a game that I had never really thought about playing or purchasing to be honest. Then last month it was the free game with Xbox Live Gold membership, and as with most free games I said a giant, 'Why not?' and hit the download button. I decided to give it a go one evening, and as the menu screen loaded I was super excited to see that you can play local co-op! I handed Tim a controller and we got cracking, and honestly this game has already taken up hours of our lives. Even causing a few arguments over some silly mistakes... thankfully with this game, when you die you can go back to the last checkpoint saved, although sometimes this is super far back and therefore annoying...

Here is what the Xbox Store says about the game:

'How to Survive now is more fun and tougher than ever. Survive on a zombie infested archipelago, fulfill your basic needs of food, water and shelter while facing natural and unnatural threats. - An eccentric survival guide will teach you to craft dozens of weapons and tools: from fishing rods or bows, to chainsaws or explosives. - 7 islands filled with exuberant flora and fauna.'

Basically you are stranded on a collection of islands which are overrun by zombies and other terrible creatures that all want to kill you. You have to survive by finding food, water and shelter, whilst also undertaking missions from other survivors that you find on the island. If you have an Xbox and have a Gold Membership you should definitely get this game, especially if you are looking for something good to co-op play with your other half, or even a good friend. Be warned that it will cause arguments!

You may recognise this game as it was an exclusive game for the WiiU when it was originallly released! In fact this was one of the games that almost made me buy a WiiU... almost! Thankfully a few years on the game has been released on Xbox Live, and I've finally got my hands on it...

Here is what the Xbox Store says about Zombi:

'London is falling. Are you prepared? The Last Blight is upon us. It was foretold. For the second time in history, a great plague has shrouded London in a fog of death. Big Ben tolls as thousands of unprepared die, or worse, are infected by a sickness more gruesome than death. You’re still breathing, for now, but how long will you survive the labyrinth of London’s streets and underground canals, abandoned by the outside world and surrounded by infected? The horrifying remains of humanity, ravaged by the terrifying disease, are shuffling through the streets, waiting at every turn to prey on your living flesh..'

I've only played a little of this, but so far I am loving what I am playing, even it at times it's pretty scary!

Never Alone is an Indie game that got massive hype when it was released, so when I saw that there was a deal on Xbox Gold Membership to get it (and it's DLC) a little cheaper, I jumped at the chance...

Here is what the Xbox Store says about it:

'Experience the epic journey of Nuna and Fox as they search for the source of an eternal blizzard that threatens the survival of everything they have ever known. Never Alone is an atmospheric puzzle platformer developed in collaboration with the IƱupiat, an Alaska Native people, drawn from a traditional story that has been shared across the generations. Guide both characters in single-player mode or play cooperatively with a friend or family member as you trek through frozen tundra, leap across treacherous ice floes, swim through underwater ice caverns, and face numerous enemies both strange and familiar in the journey to save the girl’s village. Foxtales features three all new levels full of environments to explore, puzzles to solve and enemies to face. Travel across open seas, swim through the ruins of a sunken village and paddle up the Noatak River on a mission to rescue a new friend.'

I haven't actually had a chance to play this game yet, but I can't wait to get stuck in!

I think I first saw this on CinnamonToastKen's channel a little while ago, and for some reason I completely forgot about it. Then when I was busy purchasing all the above games I saw that this was also on offer for Gold members for just over £5!!! I was immediately sold.

Here is what the store says about the game:

'In Whispering Willows, you take on the role of Elena, a determined young girl with the extraordinary ability to project her spirit outside of her body. In her spectral form, Elena can interact with the benevolent spirits and wicked wraiths that used to dwell within the walls of the sinister Willows Mansion - lost souls, stuck in time and space, who hold the secrets that Elena will need to traverse the terrifying old manor. Players need to make use of Elena’s corporeal and ethereal forms to overcome obstacles, solve the riddles of the mansion’s enigmatic specters, and find Elena’s lost father.'

Again I haven't had a chance to play this yet, but I seriously cannot wait... I have been dying to play another horror game (that doesn't have zombies in) for a good while!

What are you playing this week? Have you got any of the above games?
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