Sum Up Sunday #27

Sunday 25 October 2015

It's been a busy few weeks, I'm still getting used to having a job, and fitting the rest of my hobbies into the short amount of time that I have. To top it all off I am getting serious with dieting as my weight has spiralled so out of control it's impacting on my health! So as well as my weekly round-up posts I am going to be adding my weight loss results and goals to help me keep on track and hold me accountable!

Let's start with what I have been up to! Last weekend was Tim and I's two year anniversary and he whisked me away for a weekend in Windsor. On Friday night we went to an amazing Italian restaurant, and I was so impressed that I wrote a very lengthy review on Trip Advisor for them, something which I very rarely do! Then on Saturday we visited Windsor Castle, which was ridiculously beautiful. Then on Sunday we travelled to Bracknell which was on our way home, and went to Go Ape! Which is a tree top adventure with zip wires, tarzan swings, and all manner of ladders and obstacles to cross. It was so much fun, but also at the same time scary, and really hard in places. When we finally got to the end we couldn't wait to have a sit down and relax with no more scary tree tops. Having said that I would love to go back there again, maybe when I am a little bit fitter, and less chunky...

This week I wasn't very well, which meant I spent much of the week in bed, and watching TV shows, and even playing some video games. The Walking Dead Season One was free with Xbox Live this month so I downloaded it and played it in a matter of days... It was so addictive, and now I am desperate to buy Season Two, but I already have so many games to play before then, not even including the ones that I have preordered at work...

Now for my weigh in results:

Start Weight: 16st 6Ibs
Target Weight: 11st
Weight this Week: 16st 0.8Ibs
Weight loss this Week: - 5.2Ibs
Total Weight Loss: -5.2Ibs
Weight Left to Lose: 5st 0.8Ibs

Currently I'm:
Reading: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner (still...)
Listening To: Disney songs...
Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
Feeling: Excited for Halloween.
Looking Forward To: Going to Fright Night at Thorpe Park next week!
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