Pinterest Finds: DIY Halloween Decorations

Thursday 29 October 2015

Welcome back to Halloween week everyone, Today I am covering some more Pinterest Finds, and it's all about the Halloween decorations! I have always wanted to throw a Halloween party, but having a lack of my own home means I really don't have the opportunity to do so, as soon as I do have my own place, you better bet that I will have one though!

How amazing are these black cat pumpkins? I know this sounds silly but I never would have thought to make something like this, but now I have seen it I cannot get the idea out of my head!

No Halloween party would be complete without some gravestones, and this is a quick easy tutorial for how to make your very own.

I must admit this body in a bag decoration is a little bit unsettling, but I cannot imagine not having one of these at my first Halloween party... Maybe I'll leave one in the bath to scare guests using the loo!

Another Pumpkin alternative here, and this time pumpkins that glow in the dark, meaning you won't be needing those annoying little tea lights to place inside!

I am a big fan of silhouette jars, and these are so pretty, I'd happily light these all year round, even if they were Halloween themed.

Who doesn't love a good ghost? Even better this one glows in the dark, and looks both cute and eerie at the same time.

Another mason jar decoration, this time these are meant to be used in place of pumpkins, to save all that annoying and time consuming carving (unless you enjoy doing that).

These are my absolute favourite of my Pinterest finds, these chicken wire ghosts would look amazing floating around the garden. This tutorial even suggests that you can spray them with glow and the dark paint to make them eerily glow in the dark of night.

Last but not least is this very quick and easy tutorial to make creepy eyes that you can place in the bushes leading up to your front door, to make your guests feel like they are being watched! I know I'd be pretty unnerved if I walked up to a house with these eyes looking at me!

Are you planning to have a Halloween party this year?
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