Sum Up Sunday #26

Sunday 4 October 2015

It has been over a month since I last did a Sum Up Sunday post, which I find completely crazy, but I guess I have just been super busy, and here is what I have been up to:

  1. New baking posts every week following the Great British Bake Off
  2. Visiting Family in Wakefield
  3. Assisting in the Hair and Makeup Department at Goodwood Revival, a vintage 40's/50's/60's/70's festival.
  4. Attempting to do some Halloween themed makeup tutorials for my Youtube channel
  5. Starting a New Job at a video game retailer

Wow writing it down in a list really makes me realise just how much I have been doing, and it's tiring me out just thinking about all the amazing stuff I have done... but instead of going on and on about each individual thing, why I don't I just share all the photos with you?

Food is always a massive part of my instagram, if you follow me there then you will already know this. The first picture above is some mini-pancakes I had in Westfields when I went after SITC 2015. The rest of the pictures (apart from the last one) are of my bakes that I have been doing for the Bloggers Bake Along to GBBO, and as it stands I haven't missed baking a single week! The final picture was a treat I actually had last weekend when Tim and I found out that Koppaberg (my favourite cider company) does an alcohol-free cider, so even though I've given up alcohol, I don't have to give up cider! You have no idea how happy this makes me...

For some reason the past month or so both my makeup, and my selfie game have gone up, not that I am complaining because IMO I look damn good! When I was at Goodwood myself and they other assistants were allowed to get our hair and makeup done by the team because we were on site for a lot of the day, so this meant I got to live a vintage look for three days in a row! The first two days I was stuck in the 50's and then on the last day I asked for a 60's look, which ended up being my personal favourite, and I was so surprised to find that I can rock a beehive!

Other than that the biggest change in my life these past months is that I have a new part time job. I work for a video game retailer, as a customer service advisor in their call centre. I don't want to name them because I know sometimes companies aren't always comfortable with their employee's talking about them on social media outside of work, (even though I have been told it's perfectly fine by my company), so I won't be doing it. All I will say is that so far it is probably the best place I have ever worked at. The atmosphere is amazing, everyone is like minded and everyone plays video games. On game release days they have contests and raffles where you have chances to win consoles etc. which I think is amazing. There are consoles set up in all of the staff areas for you to play on your breaks... Oh AND there is an onsite shop where you can go and buy games etc. and get an automatic staff discount, and it is an exact copy of their actual retail outlets, and it's literally just in the middle of the office. It's so cool... I've currently only been there for two weeks, but it's probably the best two working weeks I have ever had... I am currently on a temporary contract to cover the peak period of the year, but I am hoping and praying that come January they will want to keep me on!

Currently I'm:
Reading: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner (still...)
Listening To: Fall Out Boy!
Playing: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer
Feeling: Tired after a long working week, but very content
Looking Forward To: Seeing Fall Out Boy next week!!!
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