Sk:n Clinic Launch Party!

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Photograph of the Sk:n Clinic Exterior in Reading
Sk:n Clinic Exterior
A few weeks ago I had a mysterious tweet, asking for my email address regarding a blogging opportunity. I'm always open to opportunities that come my way, particularly when it involves an event. I can never resist going out and meeting other bloggers, and networking, because talking with other people who understand what it's like to blog is priceless. Anyway an email landed in my inbox regarding the launch party of a new skin clinic called Sk:n in Reading.

I was allowed to bring a plus one to the event so after being let down by my sister, I gave Lisa from United Cakedom a quick message and thankfully she agreed to come with me! We decided to meet up an hour or so before the event so that we could grab something to eat, and Lisa suggested that we go to the Handmade Burger Company as it was close to the Clinic where the event was taking place. After a lovely meal, which I will be writing about later this week so keep your eyes peeled, we walked the short distance to the Sk:n Clinic.

Photograph of a Salicylic Facial Peel in action
Watching a Salicylic Facial Peel in action
When we arrived we were offered a drink there was Champagne on offer but as I don't drink I had to decline, thankfully the clinic had thought of this already and I was handed a glass of cranberry juice. We were also given itineraries for the evening so we knew what to expect. The first order of business was the cutting of the ribbon, and there was a photographer on hand to capture the moment. I have never been present at a ribbon cutting so it was all quite exciting! Once the ribbon was cut we were able to go and view the treatments. There were three treatments in total that we could view a facial peel, a laser hair removal and an anti-ageing demonstration. Lisa and I decided to head upstairs and have a peek at the facial peel demonstration as I felt it was the treatment that I would be most likely to have myself. The whole process was a lot quicker and easier than I thought it would be, it was over within 5 minutes. The entire time the lovely lady doing the treatment was answering questions and giving us plenty of information about the treatment.

After watching the treatment we headed back downstairs where we got a mini consultation with one of the skin experts. I mentioned that my main concern with my skin was my oily T-zone and my painful acne. I was told that facial peels may be a good solution for me as it helps to remove the acne causing bacteria that likes to live in the lower layers of the skin. In particular a Salicylic peel may be ideal for me as it is the Salicylic acid that is particularly good if you suffer for acne. With the Salicylic peels the strength of peel they use will depend on whether your skin/acne is mild, moderate or severe, so it's not a 'one type fits all' kind of thing, which definitely put my mind at ease. I honestly have to say that I had never thought of having a skin treatment done professionally, but since being at the event I have definitely been considering it.

Photograph of Goodie Bag Contents from the Sk:n Clinic
Goodie Bag Contents!
Before we left the event we were handed a goodie bag full of clinically proven skincare items, and also a voucher which we can redeem for 50% off of our first treatment, or a free Glycolic facial peel. Here is what was included in the goodie bag:

  • Treatment Voucher
  • Sk:n Pore Refining Lotion
  • Sk:n Anti-ageing Hand Cream
  • Sk;n Anti-redness Face Cream
  • Sk;n Cleanse and Exfoliate Cleanser
  • SkinCeuticals Retexturing Activator Serum
We were truly spoiled by the clinic, and I am already thinking of giving them a call to book in for my first treatment! If you are thinking of having a treatment then you can check out the Sk:n website here.

*I was given a goodie bag of products for attending the event, however all opinions and comments within this post are my own.

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