Why I Hate My Eyelashes...

Thursday 7 April 2016

Photograph of My natural eyelashes with nothing on
My natural eyelashes with nothing on
I hate my eyelashes, and I always have. Now I know everyone is going to be all like, 'hate is such a strong word', but it's true. My lashes and I are sworn enemies, and that's that way it has always been...

First off I am naturally fair haired and skinned and that means that my eyelashes are naturally blonde. In the above picture you might not be able to tell so much, because years of using waterproof mascara has tinted my lashes slightly. However if you look very closely by my lashline you will see the very roots of my lashes are blonde, this always causes a problem when I am wearing makeup. The problem that it presents is that when I wear liquid eyeliner, no matter how close to my lashes I get it, there always looks to be a gap between my liner and my lashes. This will hopefully be fixed when I finally get around to getting my lashes tinted, but that will be another story for another day.

Photograph of My lashes after using curlers
My lashes after using curlers
One of my biggest annoyances with my lashes is that they are pin-straight. I have been told before by several people that I have long eyelashes, but honestly you probably wouldn't be able to tell because they stick straight out. This means that if I am doing my makeup I have to use Eyelash Curlers to try and get something going with them. Using curlers presents it's own problems, and a lot of the time I end up getting much more stressed than I need to. I always leave my eyelashes until last in my makeup routine, this is because my eyelashes do not hold curl in the slightest (even using curlers), so I have to do them right at the last minute and pray that they stay curled. This means that more often than not, when using the curlers I rub off some of my eyeliner, meaning I have to reapply. Also for some reason when curling my left eye, I never manage to reach all the lashes in the outer corner, so they never look as good as the right ones.

My lashes with one coat of Mascara
The final things that really annoys me about my eyelashes is that when I apply mascara they always go really spidery. I can comb them through a million times with a lash comb and they will still be that way. Even worse is that the more I comb through my lashes, the more they lose the curl I have put into them! Then about 10 minutes later my lashes are pin straight again and you can barely see them.

So what can I do about it?

False Eyelashes - These are really great for nights out and events, but I can't see myself wearing these day to day. Don't get me wrong there are a tonne of good everyday styles of lashes out there, but it's not for me.

Eyelash Extensions - These are individual eyelashes that get glued to your lash line, and can last 6-8 weeks, which is the standard cycle of natural lashes. However it is suggested that you get infills every 4 weeks or so to keep them looking full. Eyelash extensions are fairly expensive and can cost anything from £40-£80 for a full set.

LVL Lashes - LVL lashes are a form of treatment that includes perming the lashes to add curl, and tinting them. This treatment can cost from £30-50 and can last up to 8 weeks if looked after well. I think this is the treatment that I want to try first, mainly because it's slightly cheaper than the extensions, and it just enhances my natural lashes rather than adding to them.

Have you had any of the treatments mentioned above, let me know how you got on with them in the comments?
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