Wishlist Wednesday: Video Game Edition #3

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Collage of the Games on my wishlist currently
Games on my wishlist currently...
Welcome back to Wishlist Wednesday everyone, it's been a good few weeks since I've written one of these, so I thought it was about time that I got back into doing it. The past few weeks I have been playing a lot more video games as such it has created a fairly long list of games that I am waiting to arrive into my life! Here are the games that I am lusting after at the moment...

9. Miscreated for PC: £7.49

That just about concludes my list, as you can see there is quite a mix of platforms there as I like to play on several, I find that just playing on one can get pretty boring. Let me know in the comments what games you have on your wishlist, I may have to check some of them out!
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