OBC #15: Link Love

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Today's prompt is all about celebrating things that I love on the internet, in the hope that maybe some of you will love them too!

I saw this video on Tumblr AGES ago, and I completely forgot about it until I was searching for links to this post, it will make you smile, I guarentee.

This master post on 'How To' Fashion that I found on Tumblr is seriously helpful for people like me who have little to no fashion sense. It also covers how to wear Scarves, T-shirts and even shopping the Menswear section. Seriously helpful...

I love reading Kayleigh's Disney World Diary posts, although I have to admit they make me a tad bit jealous, I do love seeing all of her colourful photos!

I always enjoy reading Leona's Wednesday Love posts, as they always contain things that make me smile, plus Leona is an awesome blogger so get on over there!

I really like this idea for Halloween, we all know I love all things horror and gory, and I'm definitely considering trying to recreate this look for one of the several Halloween partied I have this year.

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