OBC #23: Costumes From the Past...

Thursday 23 October 2014

For as long as I can remember, I have loved dressing up, from Halloween every year when I was a kid, and World Book Day when we got to dress up at school. Unfortunately I don't have any photos to hand of my costumes from when I was younger, so I had to settle for the ones I could find on Facebook.

This is from my 17th Birthday Party when I dressed up as a Greek Goddess. I don't think the party had a theme, other than 'wear a costume' so we ended up with a weird mix of characters...

This one was taken on our last day of Sixth-form before exams. Me and two of my best friends decided to go as Pumapards (Puma cross Leopards). It was a seriously fun day, despite it being pretty hot wearing that fur coat!

Can we all just ignore the pout? This was from the first year of Uni for the 'Back to School' party. Hence the shirt, tie, and pigtails.

Again from the first year of Uni, which is why there is a serious amount of alcohol on the tabl in front of me. This was a very last minute costume as I wasn't actually going to go out, but my flatmates persuaded me. A friend did my hair and make up, and luckily I had a black dress, so I was a vampire.

I don't know why I look so confused in this picture, but this was from my 19th Birthday, whilse I was at Uni. I asked everyone to come as something beginning with 'A' and so I went as Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

This is by far my favourite of all the costumes I have ever worn. This was my 20th Birthday and I asked everyone to dress up as characters from 'My Little Pony' and I went as Fluttershy. I even got recognised by a few people whilst I was out!

This is from a friends birthday party, and we could dress up as whatever we wanted, but I wanted to go as a female video game character. With limited choices I settled on Amy Rose from Sonic. Which turned out to be quit an effective costume.

This one makes me giggle every time I see it. Back when I was the Social Sec of a society at uni, I ran a night where I asked boys to dress up as famous female singers and girls to dress up as famous boy singers. I forced my friends to dress up as JLS, and we even used their condom boxes as pendants... Wow I was cool back then...

I wore this to a horror film festival, and it was based off of a film that I had watched the day before, and loved so much, that I decided I had to pay respect to it. In case you are wondering what film it was, it was this one.

This is probably the most recent picture I have of me in a costume, and it's from a few Halloween's ago. A friend of mine hosted a Halloween themed murder mystery and I got the role of the wicked witch, in case you hadn't already guessed...

I've really enjoyed taking a look through all my old costumes today, it's really reminded me of how much I love dressing up, and how I may have to start going to a few more costume parties!
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