OBC #14: What's on my Playlist?

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Whenever I go on a road trip I have to make sure that I have my favourite music with me, particularly if I am driving because it keeps me sane. Normally I hate talking about my taste in music, this comes from being ridiculed pretty much my entire life for the type of music I like. I just never really saw the point in starting an argument with someone, so I normally just listened and never spoke when the topic of music came up. When it comes to music I am into a lot of different things, but mainly I like Pop music. I'm guaranteed to like pretty much anything in the charts, but alongside that I do have a few random tastes.

Any playlist I create will definitely have some Nickelback on it. Now I know that Nickelback get a pretty bad rep, mainly on the internet, but to be honest, I really like them. I've seen them live, and I think there awesome, and I really enjoy singing along to their songs. Anyone who shots someone down for liking Nickelback is certainly no friend of mine...

My top 3 Nickelback songs are:

1) Lullaby
2) Gotta Be Somebody
3) Next Contestant

Back when 'Dance, Dance' was popular I went through a massive Fall Out Boy phase. I went to see them live when I was 15 and I dressed up all emo, and thought that I was so cool. Me and my friend got separated by a Mosh Pit and I panicked and thought I was going to die. They had light up guitars when they played their most recently released song, and they were seriously amazing live. Pete Wentz jumped down to the barrier and was pawing a tonne of fangirls and I almost died because I couldn't reach him. Then Fall Out Boy split up, and I mourned, listened to a tonne of their music, and then to be honest, I kind of forgot about them. That was until they made an epic comeback with 'Save Rock and Roll', as soon as they announced their tour I knew I HAD to get tickets. Thankfully my sister is equally as obsessed with them as I am, so she came with me. We arrived at the arena super early, and waited all day in the freezing cold, even going to buy blankets at a local Primark because we were that freezing. It paid off in the end because we were second row, and they were even more glorious than they were the first time I saw them!

My Top Three Fall Out Boy songs are:

1) The Phoenix
2) Death Valley 
3) Sugar We're Going Down

I first heard My Chemical Romance's 'Helena' when I used to watch movies that people had made from the Sims 2, and someone made an awesome one to that song. It wasn't until 'The Black Parade' was in the charts that I really started listening to them though. I found that I much preferred their older stuff to The Black Parade, but really I can listen to either. I just love how strong the emotion is in their lyrics, and love singing along to their songs...

My Top Three MCR Songs are:

1) Helena
2) I'm Not OK
3) The Ghost of You

Back when I was pretty young and Busted were in the charts I was totally obsessed with them. I begged my parents to take me to a Busted concert, but alas they never did. I remember watching Saturday Morning TV and desperately entering ever single competition they had to win tickets to see Busted, but it simply never happened. When they split, I was shattered, I would never get to see them in concert. Mcfly came along a filled the Busted void, and I liked them a lot, they weren't up to Busted's level for me, but that had some amazing songs. When the McBusted super group was announced I couldn't contain my excitement. My sister and I snapped up tickets, and in the end we WON tickets to go into the VIP area right at the front of the stage. You can read all about that experience here. It was literally amazing, even though I had to abandon my boyfriend, they played all of my favourite Mcfly and Busted songs, and by the end of the night I didn't have a voice left.

My Top 3 Busted/Mcfly Songs are:

1) Crashed the Wedding (Busted)
2) Room on the Third Floor (Mcfly)
3) Air Hostess (Busted)

Let me know in the comments what artists simply cannot escape your playlist, I love hearing from you!
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