October Blogging Challenge #1: My Goals for October

Thursday 2 October 2014

I thought it was about time that I picked this blog up and started working on it. Since moving in with my Boyfriend in March I have been struggling to find a routine that fits everything I love into any spare time that I have, but I am trying. Of course I thought the perfect way to get back into blogging was with a blog challenge. There's nothing like posting every day for a month to get you back into the swing of things. This challenge was created by Gracie of Girl Meets Life, so don't forget to check out her blog.

So the first prompt is all about my goals for the month. I thought I would pick five as I like that number) and I didn't want them all to be blogging related because I have a lot of other things that I wish to achieve.

  1. Complete this challenge: This is a pretty obvious one, but nonetheless a worthy goal for me considering my recent posting history.
  2. Keep Up my Youtube Channel: If you didn't see my recent post, I have put up a Youtube video every week for 6 whole weeks! I hope to continue doing this for the foreseeable future, maybe even expanding to several videos a week... I post a new video every Friday so make sure you go and check it out!
  3. Pick up my diet again: Yes I have been slacking for the last 3 weeks diet-wise. I have been ill, and there are a few personal reasons, but I plan to start that back up again shortly.
  4. Read one book: This seems like a simple goal, but actually recently I have lacked any motivation to read. Considering I have a million books to read, I really need to get into the habit of reading at least one a month.
  5. Handle my Gerbils: If you read my blog regularly then you may know that I have two gerbils which I got shortly after moving in with Tim. As of yet I have been unsuccessful in handling them. They trust me and will happily sniff my hand, but as of yet they will not let me hold them. So I plan to work on that this month!
I'm hoping to complete at least three of these goals, and if I complete all five then I have promised myself an end of month treat!

Let me know if you are taking part in this challenge as I would love to read your posts, and you can follow the challenge on Twitter using #octbloggingchallenge
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