Sum Up Sunday #1

Sunday 23 November 2014

My Animal Crossing Diary, Starbucks at work, Trying sleepy tea, Yogurt covered cranberries, Blueberry Pancakes, Cute bear hat, My favourite Mac 'n' cheese, Injuring my thumb, Pin the dummy on the baby.

This week has been pretty full on. At work I have been bogged down, and trying to get used to a completely new job role. Don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying it, there is just a hell of a lot to do, and also remember. I haven't really had a lot of time for me this week, but I've got a few more exciting things coming up next week, so I can't wait for those!

I'm really enjoying getting back into Animal Crossing, if you haven't been following you can read my first two diary entries here and here. I'm making some serious progress on this game, and even making some new friends.

The best thing about where I work is being able to go and grab a Starbucks or a Costa not even a stones throw away. On top of that we get sent (free) fruit boxes twice a week, packed full of all different fruits. This week a lot of our team were working from home, so by Friday there was plenty up for grabs, including a punnet of blueberries. I snagged them and decided to make blueberry pancakes, which I had never actually tried. They will no be making their way into my regular recipes.

Yesterday Tim and I went to look for a Baby shower gift (for today), but couldn't find anything, I did however find this cute bear hat, which I didn't buy, but may go back for by the end of the month. Tim then made his Mac 'n' Cheese for myself and his mum, who thoroughly enjoyed it! It is seriously the best Mac 'n' Cheese in the world, no lie.

Today I had a baby shower to attend, and having not found a gift yesterday, mum decided to pick me up early so that we could go and take a look at Mothercare. Unfortunately as I was making my way to her car I slipped on a rather mossy path and took a rather big chunk out of my thumb. As I type this it is splinted with a lolly stick, and wrapped in cotton wool. I fear I may have done something a little worse than simply taking a chunk out of my thumb, as I am in extreme pain whenever I bend it. If it hasn't calmed down by tomorrow, I will be taking a trip up to A&E...

Other than that today was really fun, we played a couple of games at the baby shower, including pinning the dummy on the baby, in which I managed to get mine on the babies shoulder. My mum also decided we would play the 'Smell the Nappy' game, in which we were given 5 nappies to smell and had to guess what was in them. All of them (apart from one) were chocolate, so it wasn't anything too gross, and the final one was peanut butter and mustard, which I managed to guess without issue! The baby shower was for my uncles girlfriend and she only has about a month left of her pregnancy, and I honestly can't wait to meet my newest cousin!

This week I'm...

Reading: Mary Berry's autobiography, which is taking me longer to read than it really should be.

Listening To: The Hoosiers, The Trick to Life. An album that I was obsessed with as a teen, and have recently rediscovered.

Feeling: Sick :-( Mainly due to the pain I am in with my thumb, I hope this passes by tomorrow.

Looking Forward to: Going to Bristol next weekend with Tim, it'll be very nostalgic, and Christmassy! 

I hope you're week was good, and I'll speak to you all again next week!

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  1. I think I would become dangerously obsessed with Animal Crossing if I had it!

    I know what you mean about having a new role - I started in my job at the beginning of this month, so much to take in - it's exhausting! xx