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Sunday 16 November 2014

I've mentioned many a time on this blog that I absolutely love dogs, in fact one day I want to own a big house with a portion of land so I can have a whole pack of dogs of all different shapes and sizes. There is no particular breed that I love most either, of course I have my favourites, but all in all I will cuddle any dog.

Currently I have a beautiful Jack Russell called Maizey, who currently lives with my mum, due to us not having a garden. She is about 6 years old, and is the love of my life. 

I remember when I went to get her like it was yesterday... My mum had promised me that I could have a dog for Christmas (I was 16 at the time), and I was obsessed with the idea of getting a teacup yorkshire terrier. 

I mean, who wouldn't want to cuddle this little cutie, right? My mum on the other hand, wasn't so keen on me getting a Teacup Yorkie, mainly because they were expensive. She saw an advert for some Jack Russell puppies, and arranged for us to go and take a look at them, knowing full well that I would not be able to resist a cute little puppy! Honestly I hadn't ever thought about having a Jack Russell, they weren't as cute to me as the tiny teacup doggies. 

So off we went to Maizeland Farm, a short drive away from where we lived. The lady at the farm directed us to a stable where the puppies were and I immediately fell in love with them all. The lady had left the stable door open, and I remember asking her if that was OK? Her response was, 'the puppies won't go near the open door, they are too shy, they'll stick close to their mummy'. I crouched down and was looking at all the cute puppies and I turn around, and there was Maizey, at the open door, looking like she was about to jump out. It was at that moment, that I knew she was the dog for me, I scooped her up, and we took her away. Ever since then we have been cuddle buddies.

I can't wait until Tim and I get our own place with a garden, so that I can bring my Maizey-moo to live with me... Other than my beautiful Maizey, I am dreaming of owning a few other little cuties, so I thought I would compile a list of breeds that I am currently obsessed with.

From top left to bottom right: Dachshund, Toy Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Pomsky, Border Collie, Pug.

If I honestly had to say what was at the top of my list, it would have to be a toy pomeranian! They just look like fluffy little clouds...

Let me know in the comments what your favourite breed of dog is, I love to read your comments.

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