Thankful Thursday #5

Thursday 20 November 2014

This week has been busy to say the least, my new role at work actually came into place, after a whole week of training. We've encountered a tonne of issues, but we are slowly working through them. Originally I was supposed to be taking over the role 100% next week, but I think my boss has realised that it may be a bit ambitious, so will be giving me another 'transition' week.

Anyway, enough about that, here's what I am thankful for this week:

My Lock Screen Photo: My mum posted the above photo of my dog on Facebook this week, and whenever I look at it, I can't help but giggle. I dare you to try and look at it without laughing! So to cheer myself up during a high pressure week at work, I set this as my lock screen, so every time I look at my phone, there is Maizey grinning at me.

Candlelit Baths: Tim went away to visit a friend in Leicester, and I had my brother to stay to keep me company. BUT on Sunday night I was all alone, so I lit my favourite Black Cherry candles, crumbled some of my Lush Christmas Penguin into a bath, and even popped on a face mask. It was such a nice relaxing soak, I may have to make it a weekly thing.

Cute Tissue Boxes: I've had a terrible cold this week, and I was stuck at work, with nothing but some rough kitchen paper to wipe my nose with. I decided that I couldn't go on like that, so went to Wilkinson's and found this cute tissue box. It contains 60 super soft tissues, and was only 85p per box!

Let me know in the comments what you are thankful for this week!

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