Thankful Thursday #3

Thursday 6 November 2014

Welcome back to Thankful Thursday, I originally started writing these last month when they were listed in the prompts for the October Blogging Challenge, but I think they are actually a pretty good idea, so I might keep them...

Halloween: Yes this week I am thankful for Halloween! I am aware that it has technically already passed, and was last week. Halloween is my favourite time of year, I absolutely love dressing up, and I love horror, so why wouldn't this be my favourite? This year I got to dress up TWICE, well I say dress up, both of my costumes were very last minute, so I spent a lot more effort on my make up this year. I also did my boyfriend's make up, twice, yes... he did let me put make up on him! I have photographic evidence on my Instagram.

My New Job: I started work this week at a company that I have major love for, and whilst I am contracting there, I honestly couldn't be happier. I feel so much more at home there than I did in my last job. On top of that I'm being given a tonne of responsibility, and actually feel like a grown up. I'm lucky enough to work somewhere that there is an amazing working environment, and facilities (including free buses), and it still amazes me every morning when I walk into work.

Rediscovering Old music: Within the last week I have started listening to some old 'Now' albums that I've found on Spotify and have rediscovered a whole heap of music that I used to listen to all the time. There will be a playlist coming shortly so watch this space!

My Diary: I now write daily 'To Do' lists in my diary, and it helps keep me on track with everything I want to accomplish for the day, and makes me get off my bum in the evenings and actually get everything done that I need to do. Without it I honestly think I would waste a lot of my time just staring aimlessly at my computer. I mean I still do that, just a lot less.

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  1. Congratulations on the new job, it makes the world of difference when you actually enjoy your job - I wish you the best for the future of it.
    Here, here for Halloween too! Sounds like you had a fab time.