10 Days of Me: 6 Places

Monday 16 February 2015

One of my 24 Before 24 goals for this year is to visit at least three new places in the UK, but actually there are many places that I am desperate to visit, and I hope to get some of them completed this year.

First up is Brighton, I've heard it's a lovely place, not to mention that some of my favourite Youtubers live in Brighton. I've also heard there are a tonne of lovely independent shops and I always love things like that. Not to mention since living in Aberystwyth for three years I love seaside places!

Ireland, home to my favourite accent ever, and yet I have never had the pleasure of going! Beautiful scenery, and fresh air, there's not much more to say about this one!

Bath, a place of beautiful architecture. I have actually visited Bath once, when I was looking into Bath Spa university, but that was a flying visit. I would love some more time to take in this beautiful place...

Again I have actually visited Cardiff, mainly for concerts though, and as such I haven't actually seen any of the city. I am dying to visit the Doctor Who Experience, and also visit some of the places that Torchwood was filmed at, maybe this year will be the year.

Despite living relatively close to Oxford I have no recollection of ever having visited there. Again like Bath, Oxford is a place of great history and beautiful architecture. I really have no excuse not to go there.

I have been to London SO many times, but I've never actually done anything particularly 'touristy' in London, and I really want to. I want to go on the London Eye, and visit the Museums and art galleries, rather than spending most of my time in one place, or on the tube!

That's a pretty good list of places that I am hoping to visit over the next year, I'll let you know how I get on with it... Please let me know in the comments where you would most like to visit in the UK!

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