Wishlist Wednesday: Watches

Wednesday 25 February 2015


Firstly I have to say I am a total idiot, I was writing this on the train this morning, closed down my tablet and managed to lose all the links to these watches... But I'll add links for the ones I can find and then try and add the others on my laptop later... But all of these are on Etsy, so you should be able to find them! 

I am desperate to get my hands on some of these watches, let me know in the comments which is your favourite.
 photo signature_zpsdqnlsjzz.png


  1. Wow such a cool selection of watches, I love the third one in the left hand corner. :) xx

    Amy | www.perksofbeingamy.co.uk

  2. A great selection. I only have one watch, but I am going to buy another. It's nice to have some choice.