Sum Up Sunday #10

Sunday 1 February 2015

This week was the end of an era for me to be honest. On Tuesday I spent my last day working at Vodafone as a contractor, meaning the start of me chasing my dream career, which is scary but exciting all at once!

Then on Tuesday evening I headed on over to Winchester to visit my sister at university, we spent the evening playing Cards Against Humanity, which proved to be hilarious. Then on Wednesday I was treated to my sister cooking for me for the first time ever, and we had a chicken and bacon pasta bake, which was really yummy even if I do say so myself. Next I decided to share my Mug Cake recipe with all of her flatmates, and we all sat around the table and made our own. The measurements weren't very precise though and as a result we had a few explosions! They still tasted amazing though. That evening we went out to the student union all dressed up as cops and robbers, and I was pretty disappointed when the SU shut at 1pm!! When I was at uni our SU never shut until 3am... The party didn't stop there though as we carried on drinking back at the flat, and I can honestly say I don't think I have ever drank that much in my life, even when I was at uni. Needless to say the next day I was pretty vile, and it took me a good few days to recover properly... honestly, never, again.

Yesterday I had a mini birthday party with Tim and my brother and sister, which was quite fun, we played a few games, and had some challenges. The prize was a £10 Amazon voucher and my brother won!

Today I have another birthday celebration, this time a meal out with family, so it should be considerably more chilled out than the rest of my week has been...

This week I'm...

Reading: The Hen who dreamed she could fly (STILL)
Listening to: Old 'Now' music albums and reminiscing..
Playing: Star Stable online (someone send help, it's so addictive)
Feeling: Sad that I am almost 23!
Looking Forward to: Starting my new life...
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