10 Days of Me: 10 Secrets

Monday 2 February 2015

I honestly don't remember where I found this challenge, but I thought this would be the perfect challenge for the month of February as it just so happens to be my birthday! Yes, I am 23 today (internal groaning), in fact I think I have enjoyed this birthday the least out of ALL my birthday's ever. I'm not 100% why, and it's nothing in particular, I have just been dreading it... With today being my actually 23rd birthday, it's only fair that I share a baby picture of me right?

I believe the above photo is from my Christening at my village church, and I'm not 100% how old I was here, but I think I was less than a year old. 23 years later and here I am, sitting here and writing to all of you, it's scary when you think about how quickly time goes really, soon I'll be thinking about having my own mini-Alyssia's... God help the world when I do!

Anyway, back to the challenge, today is all about 10 secrets, and I always find it hard to write 'secrets' because I think I'm a pretty open person anyway, but I will give it a shot...
  1. When I was younger I used to re-enact cartoons that I watched, which ended in me swallowing a 2p coin, and also putting things in my ears to pretend that they were earplugs (I bet my parents had fun with me right?)
  2. I used to say all manner of funny things when I was small, such as 'eye-meem' (ice-cream), 'm-m-mouse' (Micky Mouse), and 'cartickletickle' (cardigan)... I know... so embarrassing...
  3. My cousin used to cheat at board games, and win all the time, the secret is, I used to let her win, because I didn't want her to strop, and I just wanted someone to play with.
  4. I absolutely hate baked beans, so much so that if I touch one it makes me want to gag...
  5. I occasionally sleepwalk, much to Tim's recent horror when he followed me around my flat, and I was mumbling something about scary aliens...
  6. I panic whenever I am travelling, so much so that I have to have my planned route on my phone and I always triple check times/tickets etc... When my phone gets low on battery, I panic even more.
  7. I had my tonsils removed when I was 7, and I refused to leave the hospital as I hadn't had a go on their computer, my dad had to bribe me with my own computer game to get me to leave. He had hoped I would forget, but as we were about to drive past PC World, I made sure I reminded him!
  8. When my mum brought my sister home from the hospital (when she was born), I asked her if my brother (they had wanted a boy) was still in her tummy.
  9. I was engaged at the age of 17, obviously that didn't work out!
  10. When I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist and an actress, would have been the most versatile job in the world I would imagine.
So there you have it guys, 10 (not so secret) secrets for you about me. I'm not sure how many I would consider truly secret, but you know...

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  1. Ha, what a fun post. I used to hate baked beans too, but I've grown to love them now I'm older and wiser ;-)