Friday Favourites: What I got for my Birthday

Friday 6 February 2015

This year, my birthday was a bit of a strange one to be honest, considering it was my 23rd birthday it was hardly a milestone or anything... Even so I still managed to get a good few gifts, and I thought I would share them with you.

This year Tim decided to go down the board game route, and bought me a few games that I have wanted for a long time. Last week was actually the first time that I had played Cards Against Humanity physically, when I was visiting my sister at uni, so I was pleased to see that Tim got it for me. This game is honestly hours of hilarious (and slightly insulting) fun. Small World was actually a board game that I came across at Uni when a friend of mine got it for her birthday. I guess it's kind of like risk, but with magical creatures and abilities! Tim and I have played this twice together so far, and I beat him both times, because that's just how badass I am...

The next gift was kind of a cheat... A few weeks ago I saw that Fall Out Boy tickets would be going on sale, and I knew my sister would want to go, so I asked her if she would buy my ticket for my present. She didn't buy the whole thing, but made a contribution, so now I will be seeing Fall Out Boy again in October (literally cannot wait).

My mum actually admitted that she reads my blog (so from now on I'll have to be extra careful with what I say right?), and she saw my Wishlist Wednesday post all about Ear Cuffs, so she picked me up a couple online. They are just as cool in real life as they look in the pictures, and I can't wait to get my hands on more. She also got me this awesome and cute Jack Russell ornament which is based off of the Harvey and Rabbit Thinkbox Ad, how cute is that? She did try to get me one that looked like my dog Maizey, but I think this one is just as awesome...

Finally onto my biggest and best present... I asked everyone for money this year, as I wanted to upgrade my EOS 1100D to a 700D. Originally I was just looking at getting the camera, but then I stumbled across this AMAZING bundle on Ebay, whereby I got all the gear featured in the above photo, plus the camera I wanted... It arrived yesterday and I swear I spent most of the evening drooling over all of my new and beautiful kit. It cost a little more than I had anticipated, so Tim covered me, and then when I sell my old 1100D I will be able to make up the difference. It was a deal I simply could not miss, and I cannot wait to start improving the quality of the photos for my blog, and also my Youtube videos!

I was royally spoilt this year, and I am honestly so thankful to all of my family for making it possible for me to get exactly what I wanted.

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  1. I am so excited for you with your new SLR. A friend of mine runs the #blogphotochat on Twitter on Thursday nights, you'll have to come and join. Cards Against Hummanity is also an awesome game! :-)

  2. wowzers to this lot, arent you lucky, i bet your having so much fun with the camera though x