Wishlist Wednesday: Nerdy Jewellery

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Why oh why has my birthday already been and gone... had I known about some of these beauties they definitely would have been on my list... Can I have them all? Please?

  1. Zelda Inspired Forest Fairy Necklace
  2. Pastel Xbox Controller Necklace
  3. Chain Chomp Mario Earrings
  4. Elf Ear Wraps
  5. Lego Heart Necklace Set
  6. Player 1 and Player 2 Bangles
  7. Glowing Life Bar Necklace
  8. Time Turner Necklace, Harry Potter Inspired
  9. Toothless Heart Necklace
How beautiful are these? I can't stop staring at them, but if I had to pick which one I would go for first, it would have to be the toothless necklace. How about you?
 photo signature_zpsdqnlsjzz.png


  1. I have a time turner necklace I love it :) Those player 1 player 2 bangles are super cute too! x

  2. The lego necklace is cute as!!

    Helen x

  3. would not normally say this but i actually love th elook of the xbox control ones x