Wishlist Wednesday: Bobbi Brown Edition

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ever since I have started blogging I have been aware of the brand Bobbi Brown, but I have never actually bought anything from them. Now seeing as I have completed my makeup course and I am looking at building a professional kit, I have been looking into this brand more and more. I am lucky enough to be going to an event in the Bobbi Brown Store in Covent Garden in a few weeks, whereby I should be able to pick up some bits with a pro discount, so I thought I'd better get on the website and select some must haves!

1. Long-wear Gel Liner: One of my tutors commented on how this was one of her favourite gel liners, and seeing as I prefer to work with a gel liner, I thought it may be good to check out.

2. Long-wear Smokey Eye Kit: This is the perfect kit to help you create a gorgeous smokey eye!

3. BBU Face Palette: A pro palette including concealers, and foundations, essential to any MUA kit.

4. Long-wear Even Finish Foundation: We were given MAC foundations in our kit, however I didn't really enjoy working with them too much, so I am looking to try some new ones, and these might be just the thing for me.

5. Creamy Concealer Kit: Everyone needs a good concealer right?

6. Long-wear Eye Base: We didn't really use eye primers on the course, but I wish we had as my eyeshadow application never turned out as smoothly as I wanted it to.

7. Brow Kit: I much prefer working with powders when it comes to filling in the brows as I feel like it just gives a more natural finish.

8. Artist Palette for lips: Another MUA kit essential right here.

9. Soothing Cleansing Oil: Something else I need to start adding to my kit is skincare, and this cleanser looks like it would be an amazing addition.

Looking at the list now I just know that I am going to have to narrow it down before I go to the event, otherwise I will end up going WAY overboard...

Let me know in the comments if you have anything from Bobbi Brown, and what your favourite is?
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  1. I literally want everything from this wishlist.. looks SO amazing and such a fabulous company too! xx

  2. i havent really given this brand much of a try as i seem to be addicted to another brand at the moment but i do wish to try their brow set

  3. I've always wanted to try the gel liner and foundation! I love gel liners more than anything and I've heard such good things about this one x


  4. I'd like to try the brow kit!


  5. Love your blog chick. The lip pallet looks awesome! Love Bobbi Brown.


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