Sum Up Sunday #13: DFMA Week 3

Sunday 1 March 2015

This week kicked off with the 1930's, which meant blocking out eyebrows!  Honestly one of the funniest experiences of the whole course so far. We also did a cheat version of finger waves. I really feel like I look like Betty Boop in this picture!

Before Makeup Application

 Eyebrows Blocked Out

 Finished Look

 Finished Look from the side

My model really wasn't a fan of having her eyebrows blocked out, but I was really pleased with the overall result, especially as her eyebrows were a lot darker than mine.

On the Tuesday we did do a session on continuity, in which we had to create a look on each other, and then in the afternoon we swapped partners, and had to follow a face chart to recreate someone else's look. For the life of me I can't seem to find the photos from that, but it was honestly pretty difficult to get everything exactly the same.

Next we moved on to the 1920's, this time doing finger waving the right way, and it was seriously difficult... Instead of doing an historically correct makeup, we brought the 1920's into the future.

I loved this makeup, and I felt like it was easily the best one I had done so far, especially the lips, which I had been really struggling with.

On the Thursday we did Victorian/Edwardian, which was actually a very plain makeup, more like a 'no makeup' look, but actually there is a surprising amount of makeup on my model in the above photo!

Friday was my favourite day ever, we did burns SFX makeup. It involved Liquid Latex, and Gelatine to get the end result, which I honestly am so happy with! This is the kind of makeup that I want to do, and it really makes me happy when I get it right!

In the afternoon we also had some male models so that we could practice our male makeup. Which again is very much a 'no makeup' look. You may be surprised to learn that my model even has eyeliner, and mascara on in this picture!

Another amazing week at the DFMA Academy, and honestly it has flown by. Next week is my final week on the course, and so this time next week I will become a qualified makeup artist!
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  1. The Burns victim make up is absolutely brilliant, it looks so real x

  2. I think your SFX make up is great and you should be happy about it. I don't think I would like my eyebrows being blocked out.