24 Before 24: Update #1

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Apologies for lack of blogging this month, I'll be honest I am so busy at the moment. I am undertaking ANOTHER course, and I am also trying to get myself set up as a makeup artist, so yeah, it's been stressful. However all that aside I thought that it was about time to see how I am doing on my 24 Before 24 goals list. If you would like to read the original post which includes all the goals, and my reasons for picking them then please click here.

Become a Qualified Makeup Artist: COMPLETED!

I am so happy to say that this one is completed, as this is something that I have wanted to do for several years. It feels so amazing to be able to tell people that I am a makeup artist, I can't even begin to describe it!

Read 25 Books: STARTED!

So far I have managed to read 4/25 books, which isn't great to be honest, but a start is a start!

Go Sober: STARTED!

This one is a hard one to complete, because there is no real end for this goal. Since I decided to go Sober I have not had a drink, and I intend to keep this up, but when can I really consider this complete?

Take Up a Sport: STARTED!

I have looked into Ballroom Dance classes as this is something that I have done before, way back when I was studying my GCSE's! I've wanted to pick it back up again for the longest time, and so why not now. I will be starting classes next Thursday and I couldn't be more excited.


This is another goal that I can't be 100% sure when I have completed it, but I am fairly sure I have. Since making this goal back in February I discovered an app/website, that helps connect people that are just looking to meet new friends and socialise, that app is Meetup. You can search for meetups in your local area, and join any groups that sound interesting to you. Currently I am part of a ladies club, and a movie maniacs club. I have attended one meetup for each club so far, and everyone I have met seems perfectly lovely, and I can't wait to socialise with them some more.

So there are just some of the goals that I have made a start on, to be honest I feel like I am doing MUCH better this year than I have in the last two years, so I'm hopeful that I'll get 50% of this list ticked off!

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  1. Well done on reaching some of your goals. It must be exciting to be a qualified makeup artist. Good luck with your ballroom dancing! www.thediaryofajewellerylover.co.uk

  2. Well done on becoming a make up artist what a fantastic achievement! Im sure you will do fab on the rest of your goals and the ballroom dancing sounds like lots of fun!


  3. Well done you =] Good job!