Sum Up Sunday #15

Sunday 15 March 2015

Lush Eggception Bath Bomb, Makeup for my night out, Taking mum out, Cuddles with someone who's missed me

This week has been so much more chilled out than the last four weeks, I've had a lot more time to myself, and I have been trying to get into some sort of a routine.

Last Sunday I attended an event at the Lush store in Reading, which was seriously fun! It's always a pleasure to spend time with the staff in the Reading store as they are all really bubbly and lovely, and you can tell that they really enjoy their jobs, which makes you feel much more welcome. If you want to read about the even then you can do so here.

Since moving to Basingstoke, and having more time to myself, I have been looking into becoming more social, and meeting new people. For this I have joined a website called Meetup, on this you can search for social groups in your local area, you can join in activities run by these groups and meet new people. On Thursday night I went out for a Curry with one of these social groups for Basingstoke women, and met 4 lovely ladies, I felt at ease straight away, and it was nice to be able to chat with other women that weren't my mum or my sister! Then yesterday I attended another meetup for a brand new group in Basingstoke of people who enjoy watching films. I decided to drag Tim along to this meetup, though he was glad I did, as we met such interesting and new people that we wouldn't have met otherwise, and have already joined the next meetup for the group! Honestly if you are looking to meet new people then you should definitely get the Meetup app, it's been worth it for me so far!

Also yesterday I took my mum to see a Youth performance of Beauty and The Beast, her favourite Disney film. It was interesting to say the least, with forgotten lines, mic volumes that were all over the place, and flat singing... Me and mum had a great time though, we found some of it halarious, and to be honest it wasn't the worst youth performance I have ever seen!

Today I am at my mum's and I am having cuddles with my lovely dog Maizey, and chilling out, waiting to start cooking a roast for my mummy!

This Week I'm...

Reading: Makeup books, looking for inspiration for my next look!
Listening To: Fall Out Boy - Irresistible 
Playing: Star Stable (STILL not bored of it)
Feeling: Excited about starting my new life!
Looking Forward To: My first makeup job, whenever that will be!
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  1. What a perfect sunday! Also this meetup idea sounds great, what a great way of meeting new people :) Thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Cannot go wrong with listening to a bit of FOB! I love that song so much too! I want to go to lush on friday and treat myself to a load of things. xx

  3. Lovely post =]

  4. I love that LUSH bathbomb, I picked up the pink eggception the other day and can't wait to find the little chick inside! I agree that the LUSH staff are always so friendly and knowledgeable about all of the products. Your dog is so cute too! Alice x