Sum Up Sunday #16

Sunday 22 March 2015

This week was once again spent in London, as I undertook a 4 day Bridal Hair course. Whilst we did cover some hair techniques on my makeup course with DFMA I used to tremble when I was doing hair because I was so unconfident with it. So I decided that before I took on any wedding bookings for this summer that I should probably get more confident with hair so that I can offer both hair and makeup!

After four days I can honestly say that I can't believe I created all these styles! I now have a good idea of how to create a look, and cannot wait to get stuck in offering bridal hair and makeup.

Needless to say as I have been so busy this week, everything else has suffered, I haven't blogged pretty much all week, I haven't even had any time to play Star Stable! Next week I have a bit more time to myself, so it should be back to normal for me.

This Week I'm...

Reading: Stolen Night by Rebecca Maizel
Listening To: Disney songs after taking my mum to see Beauty and the Beast
Playing: Star Stable... when I get a chance to anyway!
Feeling: Tired after a long week
Looking Forward To: My first makeup job, which is on the 30th!!!
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  1. Wow you learnt all that in just 4 days? After 30+ years on the planet I can just about spike my hair ;)

  2. Those bridal hair styles are gorgeous, congratulations on completing your course x