#LUSHEaster and #LUSHmothersday Event in Reading

Monday 9 March 2015

I was lucky enough to again be invited to a blogger event at the LUSH store in Reading, this time showcasing their Easter and Mothers Day Range! The last event I went to was the Christmas one, whihc you can read all about here. This time there were a lot more bloggers there, including the lovely Becky from Becky Bedbug who I hadn't seen in over a year! It was lovely to catch up and also meet a few new bloggers, and a few I met at the Christmas Event last year!

The evening kicked off with an Easter Egg hunt, there were Golden Eggs hidden all over the store (as in the picture above) and we had to rush around putting as many in our basket as we could. I got 4, and the winners got 6 each, but I wasn't disappointed as it was all in the name of good fun!

The there were three stations set up throughout the store, one for fragrance, one for Easter, and one for Mothers Day, and we got to wander between the stations getting demonstrations of all the products. We got to meet some of the lovely stuff, some who I have met before and some I hadn't but cannot wait to speak to again! I was bowled over by the sheer amount of products that we were shown, and by all the delicious floral and sweet scents that really got me in the mood for spring! I actually went to the event with the intention of only buying the carrot soap, which I am obsessed with after using the Snowman Fun at Christmas which has the same scent, but as it turned out there were so many other products that I also wanted to try, so I ended up buying more... I'm saving that for a Haul video though so you'll have to wait and see what I got!

As usual with these events LUSH was kind enough to give us a goodie bag each, in which I was given:

  • Mother Superior Bubble Bar
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow soap
  • Prince Charming Shower Gel
  • Yummy Mummy Shower Gel
I'm always bowled away by how lovely and generous Lush are, and this event was no exception! Despite only buying a small portion of the range we were shown, I know full well I will be on my way back in store for more before they disappear!

My highlights from the event are definitely these four items pictured above, I bought 3/4 of them, and will be going back for the last one as soon as I have the cash. They are:
  • Fluffy Egg: Which smells like the amazingly popular Snow Fairy
  • Carrot Soap: Yes it smells like carrots but trust me it is amazing!
  • Dad's Garden: This is a lemon scented fragrance that had me sniffing myself all evening, it is divine...
  • Immaculate Eggception (Yellow): This amazing (and gigantic) bathbomb smells delicious, and you can also crack it to reveal either a cute bunny or chick, which is perfect for Easter. It also means you technically get two bath bombs, though trust me this is so huge that you could probably get 4/5 uses out of it!
Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Lush Easter product is, I love to hear from you!
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  1. I love the stuff from LUSH. it always smells amazing!

  2. I'm a huge Lush fan and wish there was one were I reside. Supper lucky to have been invited to that event. Sort of new to Lush products so interesting to hear that they have products for certain holidays.

  3. WOW! This looks really fun. Lush is always so generous!