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Tuesday 7 July 2015

 Ever since I found out that Essence makeup was going into Wilkinson's stores my interested was immediately peaked. Every time since then when I have gone in Wilko's I stop by the Essence stand and have a good old browse, however they never seemed to have the item I actually wanted in stock... Then I found out I could order online from them, and I got really excited! I decided to try and get a full face of makeup for as cheaply as possible, and I wasn't disappointed! If you would like to see the full makeup look I created and my full opinions then please watch the video below, or if you prefer I have completed a write-up underneath the video, enjoy!

1. Soft Touch Mousse Makeup in 01 Matte Sand: This was hands down one of the stand out products for me. It gave me a lovely base and didn't feel heavy in the slightest, which is perfect for the hotter weather that we have been having recently...

2. 16h Stay All Day Concealer in 10 Beige: This is a very similar product to my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, however it doesn't feel as heavy as the collection one. Which again for this time of year is perfect!

3. Pure Skin Anti-Spot Compact Powder in 01: I was intrigued by this product in particular as I am currently having the worst breakout of my adult life, obviously having only used this product once I cannot comment on it's spot fighting abilities. However it does have a distinctive smell, which I assume is the anti-spot complex, and it certainly mattifies my skin and takes away any excess shine that I have. I guess only time will tell whether the anti-spot powder works...

4. Sun Club Matte Bronzing Powder in Blondes: This was another one of my favourite products, I have been struggling to find a bronzer that looks natural on me, and this certainly exceeded my expectations. I'm also a big fan of it because it is matte, I'm not a big fan of shimmery bronzers.

5. Silky Touch Blush in 90: This is a really lovely light pink bronzer with a slight golden shimmer in it, perfect for summer.

6. All About Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette: This comes with six shimmery shades, and they are surprisingly pigmented, although not my favourite eyeshadows in the world, they did pretty well.

7. Make Me Brow: This product is a dupe for Benefit's Gimme Brow, having used both personally I can see no difference in the finish of either. Considering this one only cost £2 against the £18.50 for the Benefit version, I would go for this one. It made my brows defined and natural looking, which is all you can ask for in a product like this.

8. 2 in 1 Eyeliner Pen: This is very similar to my Makeup Revolution liner pen, however one end of the pen is more like a 'marker' and is thicker, which is perfect for lining the upper lash line. Then the other thin line is perfect for creating the winged look I like.

9. Lash Princess Mascara: I was surprised to find that the brush from this mascara was identical to the brush of the Makeup Revolution Viper mascara that I tested out a couple of weeks ago. The brush itself is quite confusing and I'm still not sure whether you are supposed to use the curved or the flat end. However the formula of this one was SO much better than the viper, and it did give my lashes a bit of curl that lasted, unlike it's cheaper counterpart.

10. Lipliner in 06: I was happy to find that this liner was very smooth and creamy and wasn't at all 'scratchy' on my lips, and the colour is gorgeous.

11. Lipstick in 05: The lipstick went perfectly with the liner, which I was happy with considering I only had online pictures to go from. This lip colour is a little darker than what I would normally wear, but other than that the formula was fine, and wasn't drying in the slightest.

All in all, I was really impressed with everything that I tried, as mentioned above my favourite products were the bronzer and the foundation, I can definitely see myself fitting these into my daily routine.

Have you tried anything from Essence, if so what is your favourite product?

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