Movie Mondays: They just don't make 'em anymore...

Monday 27 July 2015

Tim and I have been watching an awful lot of Netflix recently, and last night we decided to watch one of my favourite Nicolas Cage films, National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Now I'm a massive fan of Nicolas Cage, especially when he can be seen having a rage fit in a film, and this film is no exception!

What I like to much about the National Treasure films is the element of discovery and a secret history that very few are aware of, it's a kind of film that simply just isn't made any more. When I think of my favourite films that fall into this category I'm thinking of The Mummy, and Indiana Jones, and really I can't think of a single film that was released within the last few years that has followed the same pattern as these great 'treasure seeking' films... I mean please correct me if I am wrong!

You know what I think it's a huge shame, because there is just something about these films that makes me feel like a kid again and reignites my imagination. I don't know about you but I just can't seem to tear my eyes away when watching...

Anyway, back to Book of Secrets... The reason it peaks my interest so much it the fact that it creates this world where prominent figures (including the queen I might add), had some sort of huge secret that is covering up a huge treasure (in this case an entire city made of gold). Nic's character has to break into NOT ONLY Buckingham Palace, but also The Oval Office in the White house... oh and I forgot to mention he has to kidnap the President too... It's just insanity, but somehow they make it believable... Obviously not in the way you think it actually happened, but more in the way that you are so invested in finding the treasure! You too become a treasure hunter! That is ultimately what is the best about these films, you feel like you are along for the ride... and in my opinion, that's the most awesome thing a film can do!

Have you seen Book of Secrets, let me know what you thought!
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