24 Before 24 Update #2

Thursday 16 July 2015

How are we half way through July? I swear the last time I really looked at the date was March... I have no idea where the time has gone between then and now... Either way I was laying in bed last night, and right before I was about to fall asleep, I remember my 24 Before 24 list, and thought I should probably check up on it! If you want to see my first update which I wrote in March then click here.

On my last count I had completed two goals:

  1. Become a qualified makeup artist...
  2. Be more social...
Before I go into how I've gotten on with the other goals I just want to mention something briefly that is related to me becoming a qualified makeup artist. I am in the process of setting myself up as a freelance makeup artist!!! Which is really scary but also super exciting to me as it's what I have wanted to do ever since I left uni. Now I know that I wouldn't even be able to begin thinking about doing this if it weren't for Tim, and I am forever in his debt... On a lighter note I wanted to share with you some of the work that I have done since I graduated in March...

So onto my progress with the list...

Finally Get My Career On Track: STARTED

As mentioned above I am in the progress of setting myself up as a freelance makeup artist, and I am trying to build up my portfolio and list of clients at the moment.

Beat My Time On The Race For Life 5K: FAILED

I'm ashamed to admit that this year I just really didn't get around to doing the Race For Life. By the time I thought about it there was no time left to sign up, and I wouldn't have been able to raise any money, but I have my eye on this for next year!

Read 25 Books: IN PROGRESS

By my last update I had only read 4 of my 25 books... I'm ashamed to say that the count currently is only 7... and all three of the new additions are ones I have read this week... really need to get my bum in gear for this one! By my calculations I need to read 3 a month from now going forward to reach my goal.

Reboot My Youtube Channel: COMPLETED

I am pleased to say that I have posted at least one video a week for the last few months, and honestly I have loved it. I hope you guys are enjoying watching my videos as much as I enjoy making them, feel free to check out my channel here.

Visit Three New Places in The UK: IN PROGRESS

I am proud to say that I have visited one new place that I had never been to this year, Sunderland! Now I know you are all thinking that Sunderland isn't your typical tourist destination and you would be right. I was there doing the hair and makeup for a short film for a whole week! The whole cast and crew stayed in a house together and it was amazing, I really felt as though I made some friends for life there! Here are some pictures:


Now I know in my last post I didn't feel as though there was an 'end' to this goal, but I haven't had an alcoholic drink in almost six months, and I honestly don't feel the need to, so I'd say that's a roaring success!

Spend More Time With Maizey: IN PROGRESS

I have probably spent more time with my dog this year than I have in many years, the way she lights up when I go and visit her really makes my day. Recently I had a bit of a tough time with my depression, and she was the light of my life during that rather dark time. I try and go and see her at least once a week, considering it's an hour and a half round trip to get out to her. Whenever I do see her I like to snap a cute picture of her!

Blog as Often as I Can: IN PROGRESS

I think my blogging this year has been a lot more consistent than it ever really has been. It's been a real outlet for me when I've wanted to escape the rest of the world, and I love focusing my mind and putting together these posts for you guys to read. I think it helps that I didn't give myself a set number of posts to try and do a week/month, I just know that I will blog whenever I have some spare time, and that seems to keep me going.

Have you got a list of goals? Let me know in the comments...

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