Gaming Diaries #5: iPhone Games I have been Playing

Thursday 30 July 2015

World's Biggest Picture Cross
I happened to stumble across this Picture cross app, and it is honestly so addictive! It's a puzzle game where you have to fill in a grid based on the numbers on both sides, which then reveals a picture! I'm really not explaining this very well, but trust me, it's pretty cool! The only thing that bugs me about this is playing it on my tiny iPhone screen, with the bigger grids it's sometimes difficult to fill in the tiny squares, and I accidentally end up doing the wrong ones... Considering it's free it's certainly worth a look...

Dog Hotel
I actually downloaded this app ages ago, but it's feeds my love of dogs, considering I'm currently living in a place where I can't keep a dog of my own! You basically take care of people's dogs for them depending on their needs. Some need training, and others just need a little bit of love and attention! Again this is another free app, so if you love dogs, and simulation games, then you will definitely love this one...

Cooking Dash 2016
If you are a fan of Time Management games then you will have no doubt come up across Cooking Dash as there are a multitude of Cooking Dash games. This one see's you on a TV cooking show, serving up dishes to hungry customers! There are several different restaurants that you progress through and each has a different cuisine, and therefore different recipe's for you to make. This is a great little game to pass the time during long car journey's as there are so many levels... and guess what, it's free!!

What iPhone games have you been enjoying recently?
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