Bronze Eye Look featuring Lush Eye Jewels

Tuesday 28 July 2015

A couple of months ago I gave my first impressions on the Lush Eye Jewels which I purchased on my first trip up to the London Oxford Street Store and I was seriously impressed. One month later and here I am finally getting around to making a tutorial with these beauties. To see the look I created you can either watch the video below, or scroll ahead to the write up!

To create this look I used three Eye Jewels, which unfortunately I do not know the names of, and as these are an Oxford street exclusive I am unable to look them up on the website but I will describe them the best I can:
  • White Shimmer: I believe this is the lightest shade available and it's really glowy.
  • Gold: This is a gold shimmery colour without glitter (there is another with glitter).
  • Copper: This is a really lovely shimmery orangey copper colour.
Here is how I created the look:
  1. Start off with an eye shadow primer that will help these colours stick.
  2. Use the White Shimmer all over the lid right up to the brow bone as a base, blending out with your finger.
  3. Take the gold and draw this only onto the lid, then using a flat eye shadow brush blend it and make sure you are happy with the shape.
  4. Using the copper colour draw this onto the outer corner and slightly up into the crease, then blend this out using a pencil brush.
  5. Also with a pencil brush take the Copper colour half way along the lower lash line, connecting to the outer corner.
  6. Take the gold again and use it on the lower lash line from the inner corner, blending it where it meets the copper.
  7. Go back to the White Shimmer shade and concentrate this on the inner corners.
  8. Using your favourite eye liner create a wing, then coat your lashes with your favourite mascara, then you are done!
Please let me know in the comments whether you have used the Lush Eye Jewels, and of course let me know what you think about the look!
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