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Saturday 5 March 2016

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A couple of months back the lovely Jenny of Ramblings of a Jaffa Cat posted in a Facebook group that she runs, that she would like to organise a box swap. I've always had a great time when I do a box swap with someone, and am always really surprised at how well people are able to read me just from my blog! I also really enjoy picking out things for someone else, it always makes me feel really good...

My box arrived yesterday evening, and I had to try really hard to resist opening it until I could get some good pictures in the daylight, but I just about managed it.

a picture of the box that I received
My Happy Box
As you can see there is a lovely note on the top of the box telling me exactly who it came from and that person is Tanya and you can check out her blog here. I've actually met Tanya a couple of times at several events in Reading, so it's nice knowing that my box came from someone who I have actually seen in real life before! Also it helps that I'm a fan of her blog too, so I technically know exactly who she is... The box was wrapped in this beautiful purple and gold wrapping paper, which I tried so hard not to rip it's unbelievable.
Photo of the contents of my swap box
The contents of my box
Once the wrapping paper was removed I was greeted to the sight of this super cute 'buddy box' which just made the swap feel that much more special. When I lifted the lid on that I saw some shredded paper hiding the contents of the box. I thought this was a really nice touch as it meant that I didn't immediately see everything that was in the box, which made it all the more exciting.

Photograph of all the items I received in my box
Everything I received in my box
I was very shocked to find my box was filled with so much stuff, including sweeties which honestly you can never go wrong with. Here is everything I received:

  • Several Sweets including a bag of Minstrels.
  • Smiggle pink glitter pencil sharpener.
  • Smiggle Pencil.
  • Smiggle Scented Stickers.
  • Fresh Rose face mask.
  • 7th Heaven Hot Chocolate face mask.
  • Bourjous Rouge Edition liquid lipstick in Red-volution.
  • Barry M Speedy quick dry polish in Personal Best.
I was really impressed with the amount that Tanya managed to cram into my happy box and everything is really lovely. The stationary from Smiggle is so Kawaii, from the scented stickers all the way to the pencil, which is actually three different colours mixed together (green, blue and purple), so when you write it shows different colours. The beauty items she got me are perfect for me, I remember I was lusting after the Barry M polish earlier this year, so I was so grateful to see it in my box, it's a lovely pink toned purple shade perfect for spring. I couldn't fault her either on her choice of lipstick as the Bourjous Rouge Edition liquid's are my absolute favourite, and my collection is really building. When I first saw the lipstick I was a little bit worried because I already have two reds and I thought it might be one I already had, but when I check it against my collection it turns out she managed to get one I didn't already have. I swatched all my reds side by side and she managed to chose a tone in the middle of the two that I already have, and I absolutely love it, so massive props to her for that. 

I couldn't be happier with everything that I received, and I have to say a massive thanks to Tanya for really reading me so well. Everyone please go and check out her blog and give her some love! Also let me know in the comments if you have ever done a swap box, and how that turned out?
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