Girls Day Out in Reading

Thursday 10 March 2016

Photograph of the outside Wolf Italian Street Food Restaurant

A few weeks back I went to a blogger event in Reading at Urban Decay in House of Fraser, you can find the post all about that here. Anyway another blogger at that event was Lisa of United Cakedom, we had met each other a few times before, and we got on really well, so after the event we decided that we should have another meetup. As we didn't both get our full makeup done at the event due to time, we decided to book in to Urban Decay again, and spend the day in Reading.

We met up in the Oracle, and as soon as we met we both decided we were pretty hungry. Being a food blogger Lisa had some great ideas about where to go for lunch and we ended up at a relatively new place on the high street, Wolf. They offer Italian street food and it works very much like Subway. You chose your base, they offer Wraps, Bread, Pasta and Salad. Then you chose your meat, and sauce, and finally you can have up to three toppings included in the price.

Photo of my chicken bread roll
Yummy Street Food!
 I decided to go for a cheese topped bread, with lemon and herb chicken, with parmesan sauce. Then for my toppings I decided to go for Mozzerella, lettuce and shredded carrot. I topped it off with an orange and mango juice drink. I have to admit this bread was very thick, but it tasted so good with the chicken and parmesan sauce, I would 100% go back, I am already craving another one.

Photo of the items I picked up from Kiko
Kiko goodies
 After eating we had about an hour before our appointment with Urban Decay So we decided to have a mooch in The Oracle. One of the places we stopped was Kiko. It honestly seems that I can't go to The Oracle without going in to Kiko, their stuff is just too pretty. Today the particular draw for Kiko was that they were offering 5 items for £10 from some of their older stock. Considering the quality of the stuff I was really happy to pick up 5 items for £2 each. Here is what I picked up:

  • Pack of 3 Intensive Lip Masks
  • Automatic Precision Eyeliner in 706
  • Smooth Temptation Lipstick in 01
  • Creamy Lipgloss in 111
  • Velvet Satin Nail Lacquer in 694

Photo of my snog frozen yogurt
A lovely little snog!
 After having a look around we still had a little time until our appointment so I suggested that we grab some frozen yogurt from Snog. Every time I walk past the Snog stand in The Oracle I crave it, but I just either never have time, or I have literally just eaten. Yesterday was finally my day though and I got my mitts on a small salted caramel snog with brownie pieces and white chocolate pieces. It was so good, the salted caramel flavour wasn't too strong and the frozen yogurt was honestly so refreshing, much more so than ice cream, and it's supposed to be healthier for you too!
Photos of myself before and after my makeover
Before vs After Makeover
 Finally it was time for the makeover, so we made our way to the Urban Decay counter to be greeted by Bradley and Peter, who are totally lovely and always fun to be around. I had my makeup done by Bradley, who I may have only met twice, but who always makes me giggle! He started by asking me what I was after, and I responded flawless skin and a really smokey eye. I also specifically asked that he use the Vice 4 palette to do my eyes, seeing as I have one and could then recreate the look at home. Whilst he was doing my makeup we had a good chin-wag, although he was adamant that I wasn't allowed to look in the mirror until he was done with me! Once the eyes and skin were done we moved onto the lips which I wasn't too sure about what to go for so just told him to pick, and he went for a really nice nude colour.

Photograph of my finished makeover
My Finished Look
Here is my finished look in the daylight. I am honestly so impressed with it, and I felt so confident walking out of there. My skin is seriously flawless, I am so in love with the way that they do my base at Urban Decay. The eyes are amazing, and are totally something I wouldn't have thought to do myself! I've written down the steps so I can recreate the look myself with my Vice 4, minus the extras that were added into the look (i.e. the glitter).

Myself and Lisa after our Urban Decay Makeovers
Makeover Ladies
Finally I have to say a massive thank you to Lisa for spending time with me! We may have only met a handful of times, but I already feel like you are going to be a great friend... Everyone make sure you go and check out her blog, United Cakedom.

Let me know in the comments whether you have ever had an Urban Decay makeover?
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