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Monday 14 March 2016

A few years back I was first acquainted with Facebook raffles, and I became obsessed with them, unfortunately the groups I was part of didn't survive, and I kind of forgot about them. That was until last week when I was reminded how much fun I used to have raffling things, and so I decided to revive my love of raffling by starting my own group!

Obviously you've probably heard of a raffle before, and you've probably all entered them at one point or another in the hopes to win a decent prize. However if you have never been part of a Facebook raffle group then you probably aren't 100% about how it works...

How does it work?
A prize is chosen by the admin/members and then tickets are sold for the raffle, much like in real life. My group is a non-profit raffle group, so that means I only ever sell enough tickets to cover the cost and postage for the prize item, for example if the item is £20 and has a delivery charge of £3.95, I will sell 24 tickets at £1 each.

What Items do you raffle?
The group I run is specifically for beauty and makeup prizes. Right now we are raffling a Zoeva Rose Golden brush set (worth £57) and a Mac Lipstick (worth £15.50).

How do you raffle the items?
I will put up a picture of the prize item and state how many tickets are available (e.g. 1-16) and also how much each ticket is worth. Then people can comment selecting their numbers (e.g. if the numbers are 1-16, someone could comment asking for numbers 3 and 12), and each person is allowed a max of two tickets per raffle. Once ALL of the tickets are sold for the raffle I will then ask everyone to send payment for their tickets to me. When everyone's payment has been made the winner will be draw using a random selector such as random.org. Then when the winner is drawn I will order the item to be delivered directly to the winner.

How many raffles do you run?
As the group is currently new I am planning to run one 'mega raffle' a week with an item that has no price limit (within reason). Then once the group has more people I will be running daily 'lightning' raffles for prizes up to the value of £20.

If you would like to join the raffle group you can find it here. We currently have 8 x £2 tickets left for the Zoeva brush set and only 1 x £1 ticket left for the Mac Lipstick.
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