Avon Haul #1

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Photograph of all of my Avon Haul Goodies
Avon Haul Goodies
I mentioned a few weeks ago when I reviewed the Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks that I hadn't bought any Avon products since my mum was a rep when I was a teenager. Recently however that has changed dramatically, and I have been spending more and more time leafing through the catalogues and spending all my money there! I thought I would share my purchases so that I could actually sit down and work out what I have actually spent...

Photographs of the lipsticks that I have bought from Avon Recently
Avon Lipsticks
 Some of the first products that I purchased from the Avon books were the brand new perfectly matte lipsticks. You can read a full review of two of the shades here. The first ones that I picked up were 'Red Supreme' and 'Adoring Love', but after trying them and reviewing them I knew I would have to order more. So my next selections were 'Posh Petal' and 'Superb Wine', literally complete opposite ends on the colour spectrum. 'Superb Wine' is a deep burgundy red colour and 'Posh Petal' is a really light nude/pink colour. I haven't managed to try these yet but I will share pictures on my instagram when I finally do. The final lipstick is a sheer pinky red colour called 'Rose Bouquet' which I can't seem to find anywhere on the website so I'm not sure what collection it is from. I have mentioned before that I am not normally a fan of sheer lipsticks, but as I was trying the new matte lipsticks, I wanted to try at least one from one of their other ranges too.

Photographs of the Avon nail polishes that I have bought recently
Nail Polish Collecting
 Next up are the nail polishes, which I am an absolute sucker for. I have a fairly large nail polish collection that I have actually recently cut in half, but then along came Avon and I've started collecting again. The first polish I got from Avon was the nude pink colour in the bottom right of the photo above called 'Naked Truth'. This was actually part of a free gift with another few products that I got for purchasing two of the matte lipsticks. It's the perfect nude for me, and I have actually worn it a few times. After using 'Naked Truth' I wanted to try a few more and I became drawn to the Magic Effects collection of top coats with glitter in them. The first I bought was the 'Diamond Shatter' effect polish which I believe was created to mimic the 'shattered glass' nail art trend which I adore. Then when browsing the most recent brochure I came across the fringe effect and lace effect polishes which were on sale for a mere £2 each, so I picked up 'Fringed and Frayed', 'Jacquard Metal' and 'Lovely Lace'. So far my favourites of the Magic Effect polishes have to be the Diamond Shatter and the Lace Effect in 'Lovely Lace'.

Photographs of my eye makeup purchases from Avon
Eye Makeup Buys
 One of the categories of products that I seem to gravitate towards more than others is eye make up. No matter how many eyeshadows/liners I have I can't seem to stop buying more. This time at least I had an excuse (sort of) as the eyeshadow duo and the felt tip liner were also part of the free gift I received when purchasing my first Perfectly Matte Lipsticks. They came in a collection with the nail polish called 'Perfectly Natural' or something along those lines anyway. The eyeshadow duo has two shimmer colours called 'Warm' and 'Cashmere' and is the perfect size for any makeup bag. The eyeliner is a felt tip as mentioned above and is called the 'Super Extend' liner and is in the shade 'Black'. The pen has a nice tip to it that isn't too fine meaning that you should be able to line the lash line and create a winged look with ease. My final eye makeup purchase was a new mascara called Infinitize in the shade 'Black'. I am forever trying out new mascaras as my lashes are so pin straight that I have to curl them and I spend a long time looking for a mascara that can hold the curl. Looking at this brush, I've never seen one like it, so I was hoping that this may be the one. I'm a big fan of plastic mascara wands rather than the full blown bristle ones as I feel as though they separate my lashes better. There is nothing worse than clumpy mascara and spider lashes...

Photograph of the pore penetrating clay mask
Pore Clay Mask
The final products I purchased are skin care related, and they are both the same, but for some reason in different sizes. I had heard all over the internet about the black clay mask that literally draws the oil out of your pores so that you can see it in little dots all over your face. I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money on this mask, so I searched for a cheaper alternative, cue Avon's Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask. This product is amazing, I can't get enough of it, which is why when I was browsing the Avon book and saw they had it half price I knew I had to stock up and buy more. Somehow, and don't ask me how, the bigger of the two bottles actually ended up costing me less than my original smaller bottle, Avon logic right? A full review of this will be coming up on the blog next week so keep your eyes peeled for that!

So there you have everything that I have accumulated in the last few months from what I like to think of as a classic 'cheaper' brand, Avon. I actually had to stop myself from looking at the latest brochure when I was at my mums because I knew I wouldn't be able to help myself! Do you have an Avon products that you can't live without? Let me know in the comments.
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