23 Before 23: Update #3

Friday 2 May 2014

Seeing as it's pretty much been a month since my last update, I thought it was about time that I caught up with my progress.

Lose Weight
I have been watching what I have been eating, and I have been going to the gym every week at least once! From this week however Tim and I are going to be going to the gym twice a week, and honestly, I am really enjoying it. Eating healthy is not what I am finding difficult, I am simply finding it hard to resist all the goodies which I am being tempted with from Easter. I got 7 eggs, a chocolate rabbit, a jar of Rowntrees randoms, a box of retro sweets, plus fudge. I'm trying so hard not to eat it all, and am doing so by restricting myself so only a small amount if I have to have any... Honestly I am just thinking about throwing them all out...

Start Working to Control my IBS
I have been to the doctors, and I have medication. As part of my weight loss I have been documenting what I am eating, and as of yet I haven't found any specific triggers for my IBS. It has been pretty bad lately, even getting to the point where it has made sick a couple of times. I will be going back to the doctors if this issue isn't resolved though, to check that I have no underlying allergies.

Do Something For Charity
As mentioned in my previous post, I am doing the Race For Life this year! In case you didn't see already, I have actually signed up, and have my JustGiving page in place! I am super excited about it, and am already 1/4 of the way towards reaching my goal. I set my target pretty low, just as it is my first ever charity event. It's £100, so whatever you can donate would be greatly appreciated...

You can read all about my Race For Life cause here, and you can also donate if you want to.

As part of my fundraising campaign, I did a Cake Sale at work. I made chocolate cornflake nests, rice krispie treats, and vanilla cupcakes. Considering I only work in a small office, I did pretty well, and I manager to raise £22 just from that one day, and I pretty much sold out of cake!

I have other events planned in the lead up to my race, and I'm hoping to at least hit my target!

Work on Being Happy
I have been trying to be a lot more positive recently, and I'm even looking into books on positivity. I'm going to start writing lists again over on my Tumblr, at least weekly so that I can help myself dwell on the positive things that I get up to. If anyone has any tips on how they try to stay positive that they want to share, then I would love to hear them.

So there we have it, I'm still working on my goals, and I'm pleased to see I am making progress. Let me know in the comments if you have goals for this year!

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