#BEDM 9: Motivation

Saturday 10 May 2014

I am by nature a creature of procrastination, my motto tends to be, 'Why do today, what you can leave until tomorrow?'. This was a pretty big theme during my time at uni, with me often leaving work to the last minute, and writing essays in a matter of hours, and just turning them in... By some stroke of luck I actually managed to still get a 2.1 with this terrible attitude, but it often makes me wonder, What if?

What if, I had actually spent time on my work, and produced some quality essays, I could have easily walked out of there with a first degree! To be honest, for me, it was probably a lot down to the fact that I struggled emotionally and physically at university. First year a lot of that was down to homesickness, and relationship stress. Second year I was quite ill for the majority of the year, but I was a lot better emotionally, due to having great friends. Third year, was a mixture of being heavily depressed and not being well a lot of the time, which made everything just that little bit harder.

However since leaving Uni, I don't really know what my excuse has been. Nowadays it's less about leaving essays until the last minute, and more about leaving housework until the last minute, and a lot of sitting on my bottom and surfing the internet instead of doing anything productive..

So from now on, I'm going to try and live by the above quote.. 'I'm gonna make the rest of my life, the best of my life'. From now on, I'm going to do my housework ON TIME, and start planning to use my time a little more productively, including writing blog posts and making Youtube videos!

So watch this space, some great content (hopefully) will be coming your way from now on!
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  1. haha, I like your post! I was also very good at procrastinating, and would leave uni essays to the last minute. I drank a lot of red bull! So much so I can't stand the stuff now. Good luck with procrastinating less :-)
    Em (http://channelislandsblog.wordpress.com)