#BEDM 6: Passion Projects: What I Would Love to Make Money From...

Tuesday 6 May 2014

When I first saw today's prompt, I panicked about what I was going to write about. I still haven't really figured out what I want to do with my life, and as such I tend to panic when it comes to writing about it. However I have promised myself that I won't panic, and instead I'm going to focus on talking about the things that I love...

1) Dogs

I have always grown up around dogs, and if there is anything I love most, it has to be having a cuddle with a cute doggy! The dog pictured above is my beautiful Jack Russell, Maizey. I got her for Christmas one year, and I had to absolutely beg my mum to let me have her! Since moving in with Tim I don't get to see her that often any more, but when I do, LOTS of cuddles are involved.

It's not just my own dogs that I love, it's ALL dogs... I went to a dog show the other week, and I couldn't help but walk up to people and have cuddles with their dogs! Thankfully most people at those events are very understanding, and are very keen to show off their pooches, even better for me! 

Part of me wishes I had done a course on Animal behaviour or dog grooming, as I know that I would be running out of my front door every morning if it meant that I could spend all day with dogs!

2) Baking

When I'm stressed, I like nothing more than to pull out my bakery book and make a sweet treat for me and my friends! I'm obsesses with TV shows like the Great British Bake-Off, and Cake Boss. I'd love to have my own bakery selling all my favourite sweet treats, and trust me I have thought about...

I know baking is a tough business, what with being such a popular profession now, but something in me would absolutely love to have a store full of colourful sweets!

3) Youtube

Ever since watching Charlieissocoollike for the first time when I was a teenager, I have loved making Youtube videos. I've created and closed down more Youtube channels than most people, and I've written and thrown away more video ideas than I can even count! 

I revived my Youtube channel back in October, and posted fairly regularly for a good while. I haven't managed to get a post up for a few months, due to having moved in with Tim... However I intend to remedy that as soon as I can! 

If you want to check what I have got so far then please check out my channel here

If I could just quit my job, and make Youtube videos, then trust me, I totally would...

So there you have it! There are a few things that I wish I could make money doing... You never know, I might get there one day, but for now, I'm stuck in a stuffy office, doing an OK job.

If you are looking for a new job then City Calling could be the website for you! It's a new job search website, and you can check out their Jobs board here.

Let me know in the comments what your dream job is!
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