A-Z of Me: B is For... Boyfriend

Monday 5 May 2014

B is for Boyfriend...

His name is Tim, I met him about a year ago, on an online dating website. I'm pretty sure I got a notification to say that he had looked at my profile. So I wandered on over to his profile and had a nosey at him. To be honest my first impressions weren't great. I mean I thought he was cute, and his profile sounded nice.. but to be honest I wasn't entirely convinced. However something in me said, 'give him a chance'.

We started chatting and as expected he was lovely, at the time we first met I was going through a tough transitional period in my life, and Tim was there to listen to me. I think I probably took this for granted to be honest, I remember he used to give me advice and I'd find myself getting annoyed with him for lecturing me. At that point we had only been on two dates, and whilst we got on, and I could tell that he liked me, I just couldn't let go and be happy with him. So it was at then that I decided to let him go. He obviously was very upset, I'm pretty sure I gave him every cliché in the book... In fact I'm sure he's told me since them that he counted them off with his friends and had a good laugh about it. To be honest I wasn't ready for a relationship at that moment. I had just moved home from uni, had started a job that I hated, and REALLY wasn't getting on well with living at home, and I pushed him away. This was around the time that I admitted I was suffering with depression, in fact I wrote a post all about it here.

A few months after this, I was on my meds, switching jobs, and overall feeling much better. I found myself wondering how Tim was, and I decided (probably selfishly) to message him and see how he was doing. Understandably he was a bit prickly with me, seeing as I had brushed him off with the worlds worst break up lines. However I explained myself to him, opened up, told him everything I had been through, and he saw it from my point of view.

We started talking often, although I told him not to expect a relationship out of us, as I still wasn't sure what I wanted. We started going to the cinema together, dinner, and just hanging out in general. Then I had my car accident, and it was a pretty scary moment. It made me realise that I couldn't waste time, and that I should grab things while I could.

The weekend after my car accident, Tim took me to Thorpe Park to cheer me up. He doesn't even like rides, but he took me because I do. He even let me drag him on a few of them with me! At the end of the day when he was dropping me home, we were talking in the car, and I caught him looking at me. (queue cheesey line) He was looking at me, like he never wanted to look away... and I kissed him. I was very cautious about the whole thing, and I made him make a promise to me. I made him promise that he wouldn't fall in love with me, and that if he did, he wouldn't tell me until I said it first. This was mainly because I didn't have any idea where our relationship was going to go, and I didn't want to break his heart.

Needless to say I had absolutely nothing to worry about! Tim is the absolute perfect boyfriend, and our relationship blossomed quickly. In November we went to Bristol for a long weekend, and that was when we first told each other we loved each other. Since then we've spent Christmas together, visited family, went away for my birthday, AND we moved in together last month!

Things are going great for us, and I have never been happier. I can't wait to see what the future brings us, and I see it being a very long and happy future!

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  1. Love seeing you this happy Alyssia, you guys are adorable!