#BEDM 3: My Weekend Routine

Saturday 3 May 2014

Having made the move from retail to a Mon-Fri office job, I am certainly very glad when the weekend comes around. I'm not a massive 'fan' of morning routines, and to be honest I don't really have one... So instead I'm going to do an hourly photo challenge so you can see what I get up to today!

9am - Showered. Since moving into our new place I have been enjoying my morning showers more and more.

10am - Hairdrying time! Seeing as I'm actually planning to do something today, I needed to get a move on. Normally I like to let my hair dry naturally, but no time for that today!

11am - Reading Blogs. One of my blogging goals this year is to actually read more blogs, so I try to spend time every morning reading all the blogs I can find!

12pm - Lunch with mummy! I had this awesome cheese and bacon stuffed potato skin! It was super yummy.

1pm - Eyebrow Wax. I had my brows waxed for the first time in February, and it was a horrific experience, however I have been meaning to go back for a LONG time. So today I finally braved it! It was also the first time I had been to this Salon, and the beautician I saw was really nice! I will definitely be returning to there again.

2pm- Cleaning and Tidying the Bedroom. Our landlord was coming over today, and we wanted to make sure the flat looks respectable.

3pm- Online Shopping. Tim and I are having a lazy weekend, and we decided that we wanted to try Tesco's online shopping today. We will be collecting it from store tomorrow, so I don't know if we'll be doing it again.

4pm- Playing my new favourite online game - Town of Salem. It's a mystery game, that's FREE to play, and you can check it out here. Trust me it's so fun!

5pm- Watching Four Weddings US, I am addicted to Wedding shows! Even Tim was watching it...

6pm- Deciding what book to read is difficult when I have so many...

7pm- Have a cheeky sweet before dinner, as we were still waiting for the meat to defrost. Silly us!

8pm- Sweet and sour pork stir-fry, cooked by my wonderful boyfriend Tim. Whilst I put my feet up and watched caught up with some blogging! I TOTALLY forgot to take a photo as I was eating it, I was so hungry! It was seriously yummy and will definitely be making it's way into our regular meals!

9pm- Catching up with my American TV Shows... On the weekend I like to watch as MANY of my American shows as I can handle. Mainly 'The Vampire Diaries', 'CSI', 'New Girl', 'Once Upon a Time'... the list goes on...

10pm- Bedtime... After a chilled out day, I like to get an early night... Some of us need our beauty sleep!

So there we have it! There is what I get up to on a lazy Saturday! Tomorrow I'm off to Primark, so expect a haul of everything I buy!

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